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Should you get fat?

GIRLS ONLY (btw this isn't the original. The original is at http://www.gotoquiz.com/should_you_get_fat_1)
Imagine this: You wake up one day am look in the mirror to suddenly see that what was once your toned, flat, belly is now a jiggly and wobbly ball of glorious fat, that sways every movement. You try to put on a shirt that fit you yesterday, and it almost rips at the seams. Your gut and almost every other part of your body jiggles uncontrollably. You;
Start crying. You have no idea what to do.
You are upset, but hey! It might be an experience worth trying.
You're shocked, but you've always been curious about being fat. You actually find it quite cute.
You love it! You've always wanted to get fat!
You have just gained 10 pounds! You love it, but some people, not so much. You are beginning to outgrow you jeans, and when you get inside the car, they unbutton. You mom looks down at your new, slightly bulging, belly and comments, "You should eat a bit healthier from now on." The following best describes your reaction;
You are completely discouraged and almost cry, knowing that gaining was such a bad mistake!
You are a bit discouraged an look down kind of sadly and and nod with a discouraged, "Ok."
You are slightly discouraged, but still think about what would happen if maybe you did get a bit bigger.
You look down and say, "Mom! Not again! I'm fine!" And then you secretly fantasize about how fun it would be to get huge and even let the button pop right off!
You have gained a hefty 30 pounds! You are beginning to get huge! You love every new pound and find it fun to play with your fat. But then comes along your mean friend who just wants to bring you down. She sits with you at lunch, munching on her salad, and pokes your belly. "EW! Grossness! Time to lay off the carbs!" She says snottily. You;
You are very sad about it, and reply, "I really should lay off the carbs." You totally reconsider gaining now.
You are slightly discouraged, maybe you should stop gaining! You reply, "Maybe I should lay off, but it might look kind of cute bigger!"
You think this is awkward and you just say, "Maybe I should lay off." You really do want to gain, you just don't want to be too weird.
You aren't too discouraged. Hey! It's your life! You can do what you want. You reply, "I'm growing it!" And you jiggle it a bit.
You don't care a bit! You look at your friend and smile, saying, "You can think that! But I love it! I hope to gain more.!" You lift all the fat that it sucked into your too-tight jeans up, and let it all out. It is already touching your lap a bit, and you show her how it jiggles by playing with it.
Why do you want to get fat, personally?
I just think it would be so fun to have a big, heavy, jiggly tummy to show off and play with.
You want to be sexier and show off you flabby stomach with tight shirts.
Your boyfriend is encouraging you to gain weight, and thinks you would be so gorgeous with extra flab!
You are trying to impress a special someone who you are almost positive would appreciate you being heavy and rotund.
One of your friends is starting to do it, and told you about it. You think it sounds it super fun and easy. Goodbye, diet!
You sit down in Trig with your new 40 pounds of girth, when a boy sitting behind you taps your shoulder. You turn around and he says, "You are looking so good. You are getting so soft." You;
Say, "This is awkward. Ya, I let myself go quite a bit, but you are a creep-o,"
You get really happy and start to flirt. You smile and discretely jiggle your belly and show your cleavage any chance you get for the whole period.
At what point do you plan to end your gain?
I want to get just slightly soft, like a tiny little itty bitty pillow.
I'm not sure, maybe get super fat. Maybe get just a little chunky. I'll see.
I want to be obese and be so jiggly. I don't want to be "teased" though, because that would be rude. I can't wait to stuff my face all the time! It will be such an easy life!
I want to get chubby. I want a boy to tie me to a chair and feed me fattening food and play with my belly. I still want to be mobile, and don't want to be too far into the obesity range, but I would love to be teased and be called "piggy" and "fatty."
I want to get so huge! I want to get immobile and have my hubby take care of me all the time. I want him to constantly tease me and call me piggy while playing with my loads and loads of lard.
Picture this; A cute boy comes up to you as you waddle around the hall. You have packed on 50 or so pounds. He bumps into you and says, "Sorry, fatty!" And jiggles your belly a bit. How do you take it?
He called me fatty! That's so so mean!
He called me fatty and jiggled my belly. I don't know if that was flirting or the complete opposite, but that was awkward!
I liked that! But I don't want to rush into anything too fast. What if he was making fun?
I'm almost in love! He called me fatty! I'm so turned on, he must want me!
You have a date. You squeeze into these too tight jeans that you had since before you started gaining. Now you can barely squeeze into them. But, boy! They make your body look amazing! You know if you eat too much the button on them will just pop right off, but you decide to wear them anyway and just get a small meal. When you arrive, your date insists you get a huge meal. Because you just can't resist a filling dinner, you give in and order it. By the time you are finished (the plate is spotless!) you are so bloated, you know your pants will pop at any given second! But of course, he wants you to get a dessert. As much as you refuse, he ends up ordering it for you, and you eat it to be polite. You take only three bites when the button just pops right off your pants and falls on the floor. He stares at your belly, which is now resting on your lap, in awe. You;
Laugh and thank him for dinner, but leave immediately. You are so embarrassed!
Smile at him and loom down at it while tucking it into your shirt as best you can. You can't help but be a bit sheepish, but you know he loves it. And you do too.
Go near him and let him touch it. You aren't shy at all, even though you are in a public restaurant.
You go to the doctors for your regular appointment. You get weighed and you've packed on 65 pounds! The doctor informs you that if you put on any more weight, to will be obese. You;
You are a little sad. You think you should lose some weight.
You aren't super duper happy. You love your new chunkiness, but maybe losing 5 pounds will do you good.
You don't want to be obese, but you love how it is now; big and overweight and flabby. You look down at your big belly and slap it and let it jiggle. You love it!
Play with your belly fat and smile. You love it and want to gain so much more!
LAST QUESTION! You look in mirror. You have the perfect body. What do you look like?
Your body is rock solid!
I'm pretty skinny, and I don't have a lot of fat. I can't really pinch much fat anywhere on my body.
I've gained a soft pillow of flab. It's a noticeable gain, with a cute little muffin top and when I look down I can see half my feet.
I'm pretty chunky. My belly is on my lap when I sit and I feed it a lot. I love to jiggle it!
I'm super fat. My belly hangs down to my knees and sways everywhere. I can barely walk now. My arms hang extremely. My arms hang low and I have a huge chin. My cascading belly is always hungry, and so I feed it constantly while playing with it.
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