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shoes and socks removed by friends mom

my name is micah and i have an experience to share, one time i was visiting a friend and their rule was " no shoes or socks on in the house " so my dad dropped me off at around 5 p.m. and my friend Cyrus had to run arrands on his bike ( i was too tired to tag along so i stayed at the house so cyrus's mom noticed that i had left my white keds and ankle socks on so i turned on the tv and watched programs for a while and i had a blanket covering me cause it was cold that night so cyrus's mom sat on the floor in front of the cushion that i had my feet propped onto so i could sit down ,and i was fairly drowsy but as i was watching tv, i felt her starting to untie my shoes and i started to kinda pull my feet away and then she said " let's take these shoes off so you can relax " so she pulled off my shoes before i could speak and now my feet were covered by my white ankle socks but then she peeled off my ankle socks and said " go back to watching tv " and she balled up my socks and put them in my shoes and i think that she hid them because the next day i had to go home COMPLETLY BAREFOOT ! so to this day i am not going back until my shoes and socks get returned.

has anyone ever been forced to go barefoot at a friends house ?

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This poll was created on 2015-08-01 22:43:25 by micah b
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