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Can a female help with my story about a history geek who ends up NAKED?

Alison & Martin were college freshmen who were best friends. She was the more outgoing of the two, & even though Martin was a geek, she had to admit he had a cute bubble butt under those nerdy khakis that she would sneak glances at. They make a bet on who could score higher on the next history test. The winner chooses the loser’s punishment. Martin has a crush on Alison, so since he knows he will win, he has a pathetic idea to make her go skinnydipping so he can watch. Martin NEVER thought he could lose, but does!Alison hears of Martin's pervy plan. He is always SO arrogant about being smart. Alison’s cousin runs a NUDIST resort that she gets Martin to stay at for free, for an entire week alone. Alison drives him there & insists on waiting to see he really does it. After stripping & standing with his clothes in a neat pile covering his body, the receptionist RIPS them away & dumps them in a hamper! A bare Martin GASPS & turns himself towards the front desk, stands squirming for a few min, gets his keys, & Alison gives him a HARD slap on the tush, laughing out loud as the naked Martin runs outside into the sunshine & resort.
As Alison, what would you find funniest about all of this?
Does his virginity make this funnier to you, and if so, why?
Is the receptionist funny in how she rips away his clothes & exposes him to his friend? If so, why?
Would you give him a playful smack on his bare buns (a 5 out of 10), or lean back and give him your hardest ***SLAP*** across his bare ass? And why?
After you slap his butt and he YELPS out loud, what are three examples of funny things she can yell to tease him as he's running away into the sunshine?
This poll was created on 2015-07-14 21:11:32 by Monica141414