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I bet I can make you pee yourself
Are you male or female
Do you need to pee
Going now
Want to go but will finish this
Kinda need to go
Couldn't go if you tried
Push on your bladder for 30 seconds and relax everything
I peed everywhere
I have a wet spot
I'm needing to go more
I'm dry
Sit down and open your legs wide then relax and give 5 little pushes
I peed
I have a wet spot
I'm more desperate
I'm dry
Listen to this story and see how you feel THIS IS A TRUE STORY - IT HAPPENED WHEN I WAS 16 I was in maths class and felt the urge to go so put my hand up and asked, my teacher said no so I tried to hold it. The class ended and I ran to the toilet and by this time I was plugging the pee in. The queue was so long and I couldn't be pate to my next class so asked the teacher in art if I could go. He said yes but I had to wait until everyone had got in. By that time he had forgotten so Ilet a little but out and a wet spot appeared on my jeans. I then asked him again and this time he let me so i ran out the classroom to the nearest toilets only to find they were closed. With the wet apot getting bigger i ran down the stairs only to crash into my headteacher who was a man and i didn't expect it and got scared then peed everywhere and a golden river exploded out of me. It went all over his shoes and myself. Then due to the embarrassment i proceeded to puke as well and carried on peeing. I finally got my self together and ran to the bathroom where I carried on peeing for 10 minutes and finally got back to class soaked in pee.
I'm still dry
I'm more desperate
I have a wet patch
I peed completely
I peed and puked
Sit on the toilet fully clothed and push on your bladder for 30 seconds
I'm dry
I'm more desperate
I have a wet patch
I peed
Now time to make you definitely pee if you haven't already Undress except your underwear and go into the woods or bushes and sit on a towel. push on your bladder for 40 seconds and at the same time give 10 pushes
There's a wet spot
I dripped
I spurted
I'm soaked
Stand up in somewhere private and then pee into your hands. After you finish lick the pee off your hands.
I didn't pee
I'm fine just wet with pee
I puked
Last question if you have not let all your pee out, try and pee ( if your a man ) write your name on a wall and (if your a woman) try peeing standing up
This poll was created on 2015-07-10 17:18:07 by ahahah