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Having my foot on show, one shoe off, dangling, dipping - ladies only

Do you prefer to wear socks, nylons or have bare feet most of the time
Always wear socks
Always wear nylons
Always bare foot
Usually socks or nylons and sometimes bare foot
Usually nylons but sometimes bare foot
Usually bare foot but nylons for special occassions
all three about the same
Do you like the look of your own feet
best part of my body
They are pretty good
They are okay but other people seem to like them
Not really but other people like them
No, but other people seem to like them
Do you choose shoes that show off your feet
yes, I wear sandals or similar shoes all of the time
Yes, I wear shoes that show off most of my foot like mules
Yes, I wear shoes that show of my toes and heels like peep toe slingbacks
Yes, I wear shoes that show off lots of toe cleavage
Yes, I wear shoes that show off my high arches
Yes, I wear shoes that can be dangled or slipped off easily
No, not really but I do take my shoe off a lot, so my foot is on show
No, I like to tease people by allowing a shoe to dangle or fall off
No, I do not care if people can see them or not
Do you buy shoe for.....
Comfort only
Fashion reasons
Just because I like the style
I only buy shoes that make my feet look good
I only buy shoes that can be dangled or played with easily
Would you say that you where a ....
a regular shoe dangler
ocassional shoe dangler
avid shoe dangler
Very rarely dangle a shoe on your toes
Do you play with one shoe, as in push it around or tip it up, etc.
very rare that I do this
occasional shoeplayer
regular shoeplay
this is my normal shoeplay
As much as possible at any given time
Do you dangle a shoe on your toes and swing it around maybe allowing it to fall
Very rarley
A few times each day
Several times a day
Most of the time I am sitting down
Pretty much all of the time I am sitting down
Literally all of the time that I am sitting down
Do you ever just take one shoe straight off and sit or stand wearing the other
I never do this
On the very odd occasion
Once a day for a very short time
A few times each day but not for long
Several times a day, for a minute or so
A lot of the time and the shoe is off for a few minutes
It is my favorite way to shoeplay and I do it all of the time
How would you react if a friend said they had noticed you like to have one shoe off a lot
I would try and ignore the question and change the subject
I would be very embarrassed and not know what to say
I would be slightly embarrassed but in a nice way
I would ask if they had seen me doing it a lot and when
I would say oh, I hope you do not mind
I would ask if it looked okay and do you think other people have noticed
I would tell them that I enjoyed doing it
I would ask if they had ever moved my shoe when I was not looking
I would ask them if they would move my shoe when I was not looking
I would ask if there was anything they liked watching me do?
If you like losing a shoe temporarily, what would you say if a friend offered to move it when you could not see
Nothing, I would be to embarrassed
I would act surprised that they had noticed I have my shoe out of reach so often
I would be embarrassed but say okay it might be fun
I would secretly be really pleased but act cool and say,okay if you want to
Say yes please but only a couple of times when we are together
Say yes please but only just out of reach
Say yes but only when I am standing up
Say yes but only when I am sitting down
Say yes, every chance you get, both standing and sitting
Ask them to steal it at some point and get rid of one
If you wanted a shoe out of reach and your friend kept moving it back towards you would you say anything
No, I would just put the shoe back on
No, I would just put the shoe partly on and try again several minutes later
No, I would just thank them but start playing with the shoe fairly quickly again
I would thank them and pick the shoe up but start playing with it immediately losing it again within a few minutes
I would thank them but leave the shoe off
I would pick the shoe up and lose it again quickly but away from them
I would lose the shoe again in the same direction hoping they got the message
I would push the shoe out of reach in a different direction almost immediately
I would ask them not to push it back again, you like it out of reach
Ask them to push it back to where it was please, you do not want it back
Ask them to move it, when it was off your foot each chance they had
have you ever asked anybody to move a shoe for you when you were not looking
No and I never would
No, I would be to embarrassed
No, but I would really like to
I have dropped hints but they did not get the message
I have dropped hints and somebody has moved it
I have asked one person once
I have asked a few people
I make it so obvious that I do not need to ask, people just move it
I have asked several people
All my friends know and move it for me
I will ask anybody who is close enough to move it for me
Which shoe do you prefer to lose or go out of reach
Either, so long as I lose one, I am happy
Only ever the left one
It has to be the right one
I prefer the left but so long as one is gone it is okay
I prefer the right but so long as one is gone it is okay
How far out of reach do you like one shoe to be
In reach at all times
In reach but I might miss on the first attempt to find it
In reach but not quite where I thought it would be
In reach, but upside down or the wrong way round
In reach but I have to search a little
a bit awkward to get back because it is behind the table or chair leg
In reach, but I have to search for several seconds
In reach but not where I expected, so I have to search for a while
Just on the limit of my reach so I have to work hard at getting it back
Right on my limit of reach so it is a 50/50 chance of getting it or losing it
So I can touch it but there is no way of getting it
Just a centimeter or so out of reach
Several centimeters out of reach
So I can see it when I look but there is no way I can reach it
A long way out of reach, at least a meter
Well out of reach, perhaps the other side of the room
Gone for good, kicked away somwhere
Somebody has taken my shoe and stolen it
Is it losing a shoe or having your foot on show that matters the most
Neither, just playing with a shoe is enough
I really want to play with my shoe but try and hide my foot
I want to play with my shoe but do not mind people seeing my foot
I have nice feet, so if somebody looks, I do not mind
I like playing with my shoe and showing off my foot
I like people looking at my foot. I play with my shoe to attract attention
I really like people looking at my foot and try and encourage it
Having my foot on show is the sole purpose
I will try hard to get people to notice my shoe less foot
Have you or do you move round so somebody can get a better view if you see them looking
I have never seen anybody watch me
No, I am shoeplaying for my own benefit, not theres
I am shoeplaying for me, but I do not mind if they can see
I might move slightly if they are really trying to watch me
I will move round or change what I am doing if they are obviously watching me
I do move so people can get a better view sometimes
I am doing it so people watch and will move round so they get a good view
I am actively trying to get people to look and will move so the can clearly see
I am disappointed if nobody is watching and try hard to get attention
I make it so obvious that everybody will clearly see what I am doing
I will make it obvious that the show is for them
Is it okay for somebody to knock a dangling shoe from your foot and how often
No way, do not knock my shoe off
If it is a total accident
I do not mind most of the time
If it pleases them and they only do it once or twice
It is okay, it would have fallen off anyway
A few times during the course of an evening
Once or twice during a meeting or get together
I quite like my shoe being knocked off
I really like my dangling shoe being knocked off
Every single time I start to dangle my shoe wherever I am
Is it okay for somebody to move a shoe just out of your reach when standing
No, I like to keep my shoe really close
Not really, I like to find it easily
I do not mind it being moved, but I want to get it easily
I do not mind searching for a few moments but I like it in reach
I am happy to search for several seconds and the shoe be a bit difficult to reach
I like it moved to the limit of my reach
Yes, I like it being moved, but still be in reach somwhere
I really like it being moved slightly out of reach
I like it being moved well out of reach
I would like them to steal it
Where is the most crowded place you have taken a shoe completely off
Where is your absolutely favourite place to take a shoe off
Have you ever told anybody that you like to lose one shoe or have it out of reach
No, I would be to embarrassed
No, it is a private thing
Not yet, but I would like to
Just my partner
My partner and one close friend
A close family member
A couple of close friends
A few different people
Freinds and a few work collegues
Pretty much anybody who will listen
I tell anybody and everybody, that way my shoe will always get moved
How soon after sitting down or standing still do you like a shoe to be fully off your foot
At least 10 minutes before it is off
Within five minutes
2-3 Minutes
Within a minute
30 seconds maximum
5 - 10 seconds
Do you mind if any body sees you purposely and obviously trying to make a shoe go just out of reach
How long to you like to search for a shoe with your foot once it is obvious your shoe is missing
Just a few seconds
5 to 10 seconds
up to 30 seconds
a minute plus
I kepp having small searches then stop for a while
A big search all over the place and then sit without it
I move my foot slowly all over the place for ages searching
Do you actively move your foot so it is on show once your shoe is off
No I keep it still and hidden away
I just keep it still but people can usually still see
I have the odd search but mainly stay still
I turnso people can see it is off but keep still
I move it about a small amount just so people notice
I move it around quite a lot, so it becomes obvious my shoe is missing
I move around a lot, I want people to see my foot
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