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Wee yourself

we have all done it

Where did you last wet yourself

12% (14) In an exam
58% (67) In bed
24% (28) In public
14% (17) In a shop
23% (27) At primary school Eg if someone got a dt Someone told funny joke Couldnt hold on Couldnt be bothered to go to the toilet Teacher would not let you
17% (20) At secondary school Eg someone got a dt You got a dt for being silly Teacher giving dt for incorect pe kit (wrong colour socks by one shade) Teacher not letting you go Didnt want to sign in at the toilets Couldnt hold on
7% (9) In a resturant
21% (24) Sat down at night

114 voters have answered this question.

What do you do if you wet yourself in bed?

60% (69) Leave it till morning
33% (38) Drink more water and keep wetting yourself
28% (33) Clean up
3% (4) Get changed and sleep in a different room

114 voters have answered this question.

Do you enjoy weting yourself when it happens?

72% (81) Yes
27% (30) No

111 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2015-06-29 22:49:30 by dcn
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