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Chastity belt for girls

Hi :) I have to wear a metal chastity belt sometimes and was wondering who else has to wear one too and what it's like for you too. I HaTe mine so much! My parents make me wear it when I go out with my friends after getting caught with my BF in my room.
Are you a teen?
Do you wear a chastity belt?
What is you belt made of?
Cloth or leather
Mine is a metal one made my My-Steel. It is the band type with the metal waist belt that attaches the crotch belt that goes from the front, through my legs and back up my butt to the waist of my back. Is yours the same type or different?
Mine is the same type
Mine is the metal wire in the back (between my butt cheeks)
Mine is the one with the chains in the back over my thighs
Mine is the leather one covering my crotch
Do you wear underwear over it when you're wearing the belt?
Do you think your belt is visible to others?
Sometimes it is
What part of it is visible?
The waist belt
The front locking part, the lock box.
The crotch band in the back
The wire in the back, between my butt cheeks
Do you think the belt is visible or noticeable through your clothes?
Sometimes it is
With certain types of clothes or tight clothes it is
Do you think it is because it's too bulky?
Yes, it sticks out through my clothes.
No, it is hidden under my clothes
Mine has the front cover(over my vagina) with the secondary shield (a seperate cover right over the opening slit in the front that goes in the middle and sticks out from the belt about a quarter inch further out. Do you have the secondary shield too?
Yes, just like that
No but mine is built into my belt
I don't have the secondary shield
If you have the secondary shield, does it stick out a little from your clothing? Like does it push your clothing out a little in the front so it's noticeable?
Yes it does.
No, it's still hidden
If that happens when your dressed, do you always check down there to see if it's is showing an outline through your clothing?
Yes, all the time
Yes, sometimes
No, never
Do you dress a certain way when you have to wear your belt?
Yes, I have to pick certain clothes for it.
No, I don't have to worry about that.
Since mine has the secondary shield on it that I have to have put on all the time, mine makes it feel like I'm somewhat naked because I cannot feel my clothes against my body in my crotch. Does that happen to you too?
Yes, all the time
Yes, sometimes I get that feeling too.
No, I feel fine
This poll was created on 2015-06-27 19:08:10 by mmandii