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tie me up and punish me, girls only please

Do you love to tie people up and then be mean to them? This is your chance. Lets say hypothetically you knew me somehow and decided to tie and gag me, how would you do it and then what would you do to me?
I first would like to know a little about you. Check all that describe you.
Brown hair
Black hair
Red hair
blonde hair
east indian
In this hypothetical tie up scenario, what is our relationship?
boyfriend and girlfriend
kidnapper and victim
boss and employee
teacher and student
step sister and step brother
step mother and step son
what hypothetical situation do you need to tie me up in?
gf/stepsister/stepmother we are watching a movie and I keep talking
gf/stepsister/stepmom I called you a bad name and you need to teach me a lesson
gf I cheated on you
stepsister I embarrassed you in front of your friends
stepmother I did not do my chores and need to be taught a lesson
step mom/stepsister you are having some friends over and don't want me interrupting
teacher you are teaching a class and I keep interrupting you and disrupting the class, so you decide to shut me up
teacher I once again did not do my homework and need to be taught a lesson
kidnapper you are kidnapping me so you can get a ransom
kidnapper you need to get information out of me
boss/coworker I was slacking off at work and you want to make a point
kidnapper you are kidnapping me so I can be sold into slavery
coworker I said something that got you in trouble and you want to teach me how to keep my mouth shut
coworker you are trying to get something done and I keep bothering you
would it just be you or any other women?
just you
1 friend
2 friends
how would you get me tied up?
talk me into it
slip a knockout drug into my drink
blackmail me
at gunpoint
what would you use to tie me up?
silver duct tape
black duct tape
another color of duct tape
plastic wrap
a sleepsack
a straightjacket
what position would you tie me in? pick the top three please
arms and legs tied together so I can roll around but not walk
mummified from ankles to neck
totally mummified
tied to a chair
tied to a bed
tied to a pole
tied up on a bed
tied up at your feet in front of the couch
tied up in the closet
tied up in the back of a van
tied up on the couch with my head on your lap
tied up on the the couch with my feet on your lap
You try to tickle my feet but despite my ankles being tied my feet are moving too much. How would you hold them together?
Tie my toes together with string
Use small office tape around my toes
Use duct tape around my feet
What would you stuff in my mouth?
A dirty sock right off your foot
Both your socks off your sweaty feet
your worn panties
pull off your pantyhose and stuff them in
A big red ball gag
how would you prevent me from spitting it out?
put about 10 strips of duct tape over my mouth and chin
wrap duct tape around my mouth
tape over my mouth and chin, then wrap it with tape
a ball gag
pantyhose as a cleave gag
a long cheerleader sock as a cleave gag
I look up at you with sad eyes, I let out a low mmppphh hoping you will let me go, would you blindfold me?
For a wholesome
For the whole time
Wrap tape around my eyes
Tie a long sock over my eyes
Put a bag over my head
Would you make me your foot slave?
how smelly would they be on a scale of 1 to 10
smelly from what?
toenails painted what color?
shove your feet in my face
slap my face with your feet
take out the gag and make me kiss your feet
make me lick your feet
make me suck on your toes
shove your foot in my mouth
step on me
pinch my nose with your toes
give me a footjob
wrap tape around your feet and my head so your feet are held against my face
take off your shoe and tape it over my nose, what kind of shoe?
use my face to massage your sore feet
how long would you do all this?
Would you tickle me?
tickle my feet
tickle my stomach
with your fingers
with a toothbrush
with a feather
what would you call me as I am tied up and gagged?
would you spank me?
with you hand
with a cane
with a paddle
with a belt
how many times and where
what else might you do to me?
take a picture and demand a ransom
take pictures of me and post them as a warning to other guys
make fun of me
draw something on my duct taped mouth like what?
sit on me so I don't roll around too much
steal all my stuff
encase me in pantyhose or nylons and then tie me up again over top
put me in a sack
other answer below
anything else? optional
what would you say to me while I am bound and gagged?
whats the matter sweetie? do my socks taste bad?
good luck trying to get out of that!
after I mmppphh at you; mmppphhh is not very good conversation
after I mmppphh; whats that? you want my feet in your face?
sorry if my panties taste bad, actually no I am not sorry
if you want I can tape a shoe over your nose?
why don't I do this more often?
maybe next time you will behave a little better
I'm sorry but I need you out of the way for a while
silence is golden, since you won't shutup, duct tape is silver
This poll was created on 2015-04-08 05:11:11 by tylerdurden56