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(18+) Women considering life as a tickle slave

Are there any women who would contemplate becoming tickle slaves to a master or mistress in exchange for no living expenses and a comfortable place to live? This means a cozy bed, food, clothes, and whatever else you need in exchange for being thoroughly tickled regularly.
Well, could you do it?
No, I prefer being self-sufficient. But I would still enjoy a relationship that involved plenty of tickling.
Yes, but only if it was a woman tickler/mistress around my own age
No, I need to work, and that type of relationship doesn't appeal to me.
No! I couldn't take that!
Yes, but there are certain types of bondage I refuse to be put in. (answer in messages)
Yes, but only if the bondage isn't too extreme. I don't want to be stretched naked on the rack or anything. I couldn't handle that kind of vulnerability.
Yes, but only if it was a female tickler/mistress older than me
Yes, but only if it was a man tickler/master around my own age
Yes! And I love extreme bondage and complete vulnerability!
I'm interested in learning more about this before committing/I have some concerns about this arrangement (answer in messages)
Yes, but only if it was a man tickler/master older than me
This poll was created on 2015-06-10 19:06:31 by The_Tickler