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Asking Parents for a Spanking

This is a poll concerns asking one's parents for a spanking. The intention is for adults who are recalling an instance from their past but is also open to those who still have a relationship with their parents who have recently asked or are considering asking.
When did you ask, or thinking of asking your parents for a spanking?
Early childhood (under 10)
Pre-teen (11-12)
Teen (13-17)
Early adult (18-20)
Adult (21+)
Did you actually?
No, never did, and it's too late now
No, but I think I still might
No, and I never will
Yes, and received a spanking
Yes, but was not spanked
Your gender
Your age now
Under parental supervision (under 18)
Adult (18+)
Which parent did you, will you, or would you have asked?
Other relative instead
Why ask for a spanking?
Guilt over a transgression
Prefer to a different punishment
Desire to improve behavior or belief that other punishments weren't working
Curious what it's like to get spanked
Want to improve bond with parent(s)
Friends and others get spanked, and want the same
Not sure
How did you, will you, or would you have asked?
Suggest as an alternate punishment after already having gotten in trouble
Had a general discussion about discipline and brought it up
Just asked "out of the blue" not during a time when actually in trouble for anything
After already being punished for something, suggested you weren't punished enough and still should be spanked too.
Wrote parent(s) a note asking for a spanking
Used reverse psychology, for example when in trouble, just saying "well, I'm too old for a spanking," even if spanking hadn't been mentioned or expected.
Hinted by talking about others' spankings, leaving newspaper articles about spanking, leaving a browser history about wanting a spanking, etc.
What was the parents' reaction when you asked, or what do you expect it will/would be?
Proud of your maturity and courage to ask
Shocked, but understanding
Shocked, and appalled or disgusted
Had an idea you'd ask sooner or later
You have no idea what to expect
Did you, or will you supply details of the requested spanking?
No, nothing other than saying you should get a spanking
Yes, but just vaguely in terms of severity
Yes, specific details regarding baring, position, implement, etc.
If supplying details, are they:
Less severe than you probably deserve (too scared to request more)
About what you think you deserve
More severe than you think you deserve
Was the actual spanking you received:
Less severe than you deserved or expected
About what you deserved or expected
More severe than you deserved or expected
Wasn't spanked
If you specified a position, was that request honored, and what was it?
Over the knee
Bent over furniture
Laying on bed
Made no request or request wasn't honored
Wasn't spanked
If you specified clothing, was that request honored, and what was it?
Requested fully clothed, spanked fully clothed
Requested fully clothed, spanked on underwear
Requested fully clothed, spanked bare
Requested on underwear, spanked fully clothed
Requested on underwear, spanked on underwear
Requested on underwear, spanked bare
Requested bare, spanked fully clothed
Requested bare, spanked on underwear
Requested bare, spanked bare
Not spanked
If you specified clothing, why?
Fully clothed: want protection from the pain
Fully clothed: too embarrassed to have pants down or skirt up
Fully clothed: chose a more severe implement to compensate for extra protection
Fully clothed: other
Underwear: felt that less protection was deserved, but too embarrassed to be bared
Underwear: just wanted the sensation through thin cloth
Underwear: wanted just a little protection from the pain
Underwear: other
Bare: bare is the proper traditional way and anything less wouldn't be a real spanking
Bare: the humiliation is a part of the spanking
Bare: the pain should be fully experienced
Bare: want spanker to see skin reddening properly
Bare: other
Didn't specify
How did you feel in retrospect regarding clothing?
Chose fully clothed or underwear and regret not choosing bare to get the full experience
Chose fully clothed or underwear, and glad the request was honored
Chose fully clothed or underwear, but parent bared me anyway, and it was awful
Chose fully clothed or underwear, but parent bared me anyway, and you're glad they did
Chose bare, received not bared, was disappointed
Chose, bare, received bare, was glad
Chose bare, received bare, regretted because it was too painful
Chose bare, received bar, regretted because it was too embarrassing
Didn't specify
Wasn't spanked
Other than when asking for a spanking, were you:
Never spanked before
Rarely spanked
Used to be spanked, but hadn't been in some time
Spanked frequently
If you were spanked at the time, did the requested spanking differ from usual spankings?
Never spanked before, no basis for comparison
Was spanked only when much younger, it's difficult to compare now that you're older
Less severe
About the same
More severe due to spanker's choice
More severe due to your request of clothing
More severe due to your request of implement
More severe due to your request of length or number of spanks
Not spanked
What was your reaction during?
Some crying
Hard crying
Out-of-control sobbing
Not spanked
Looking ahead, are you likely to:
Not have an opportunity to ask for a spanking
Continue thinking about it, but probably will never have the nerve to go through with it
Never ask again because this time was just too much
Ask again, but ask for something less severe than this time
Ask again for the same
Ask again, but with pants down next time
Ask again, but with underwear down next time
Ask again, but with an implement instead of a hand spanking next time
Ask again, but with a more severe implement next time
Ask again, but with longer/harder spanks next time
Ask again, requesting more severe, but unspecified as to how
Ask again, leaving it all up to the parent
What was your reaction right afterwards?
I really deserved that
I've had that coming for a long time
That was too embarrassing
That was too painful
I hated it, but it'll do me good
I secretly liked it
I regret I never asked
I'm glad I never asked
I wish my parents had just known I needed it without having to ask
What are your thoughts on someone growing up without ever getting spanked, and never having asked for one?
Too bad, everyone should experience a spanking at least once
Spoiled brat
What a coward they never asked for one
Too bad they never asked, but it's understandable
Too bad there weren't any advice for them to help them know how to ask
I would have encouraged them to ask if I'd known them
This poll was created on 2015-06-08 20:59:05 by adamkessler2