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Whats the best thing about getting slimed/gunged?

Pick your one favourite part of getting slimed or watching somebody else get slimed.
So what do you think is the best part about getting slimed?
Planning the sliming
Finding out you are getting slimed (eg. you just lost a bet)
The nerves of the build up to getting slimed
The shock of the slime first hitting you
The feeling of getting messy during the sliming
Playing with the slime after
The embarrassment/humiliation of getting slimed
The way it feels after getting slimed when you have to go get cleaned up
What is the best part of seeing somebody else get slimed?
Their reaction to finding out they are going to get slimed
Seeing how nervous they get before the sliming
Their reaction to the slime first hitting them
The way they look all covered in slime
Seeing how embarrassed/humiliated they are that they got slimed
Seeing them enjoy playing with the slime
Seeing them go to get cleaned off afterwards
Thanks for polling. If you would like to mention anything please do, any feed back is appreciated.
This poll was created on 2015-06-08 05:20:59 by UK Gunge