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Do our clothing choices affect our behavior?

Did you know that the clothes you wear might affect how confident you are, or how calm you are when in danger? This poll is meant to discover how and why.
What clothing do you usually like to wear inside your house, including footwear? Why do you think you like it?
What clothing do you usually like to wear outdoors, including footwear? Why do you think you like it?
What clothing do you usually like to wear when you sleep at night, including footwear? Why do you think you like it?
Do you swim very often, or do other water sports? If so, what do you usually wear in the water? How comfortable do you feel being shirtless (if male) or barefoot outside the water?
How strong and athletic are you? Do you think this affects what clothes you like to wear?
The next few questions involve a short scenario. Imagine that you're swimming at the ocean when you find a hidden cave. The cave has priceless treasure at the deepest part, but the cave is filled with monsters and traps. However, as long as you are in the cave, you can't be injured or killed. If you get hit by a monster or trap, it will hurt, but the pain will go away in about 1 second and you'll be as good as new. Because you were just swimming, you are wearing only swim trunks (if male) or a two-piece swim suit (if female), leaving most of your body exposed. However, the cave's floor is smooth rock, with some parts covered in beach sand, so walking barefoot inside the cave isn't painful.
I understand the situation!
Would you feel nervous going into the cave wearing only your swim trunks or swim suit, with most of your body exposed? Would you rather wear more clothes inside, or would it not matter?
Imagine that you could bring 1 piece of clothing into the cave. (Paired items like shoes count as 1 piece.) What would it be, and why? If you could bring more clothing, what order would you choose them in, and why?
In the previous question, would your clothing choices differ if most of the cave was underwater, requiring you to swim most of the way? (Assume that you can breathe underwater, so you don't need to worry about surfacing for air.)
Even if you could bring clothing into the cave, are there some kinds of clothing you wouldn't bring because you'd feel comfortable without it? Why? (For instance, if you'd feel comfortable exploring the cave barefoot, you wouldn't bring shoes.)
Remember that in the cave, monsters and traps would attack you, but couldn't kill you. What parts of your body do you think the monsters and traps would be most likely to target, and why? (They will never target your neck.)
Remember that you're wearing only swim trunks or a swim suit. What parts of your body would you be most and least worried about getting hit by monsters and traps? Put the following in order from "most worried" to "least worried": head, chest, stomach, back, arms, hands, legs, feet. Why did you order them the way you did?
What kinds of monster attacks and traps would you be most nervous about dealing with? (You can choose more than one.) Remember that they can't injure or kill you, but they'll still hurt for a moment. Also remember that you're wearing only swim trunks or a swim suit, so you have little protection.
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Why did you pick the answers you did in the above question?
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