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Could a female give reactions for my play when a woman sees an old friend NUDE?

Martin and Daisy were close friends in high school. Although he's a geek, Daisy did always think Martin had a cute bubble butt & was attracted to the nerd. Though they went to separate colleges & grew apart, years later during the summer when both are 22, Daisy spots her friend Martin at the beach. They start up a conversation. Perfectly normal except---Daisy is in a shoulders to toe wetsuit, while Martin is butt-naked! Daisy knew Martin was shy in high school & that he is clearly embarrassed at this. It's also his first time at a clothing-optional beach. His friends told him to try it out NUDE by himself to get out of his shell because who would know him at a beach 50 miles away? Martin tries to play it cool, hands at his sides, but he's blushing red. Daisy thinks it's cute, but is still a bit sore at Martin for turning her down as a prom date back in high school to ask a cheerleader (she said no). She heard he's still a virgin. As Daisy:
What is your reaction at spotting Martin from behind in this situation & what are you thinking? How do you get his attention from behind?
Does he look vulnerable? Why?
Does his status as a 22 year old virgin make you giggle that he's on this beach nude? Why?
What is something funny you can say in conversation as you take a subtle but noticeable look down?
As Martin turns his bare buns to leave, you say "Hey Martin, one last thing..." & say or do WHAT to make him REALLY blush red & run down the beach for his towel?
This poll was created on 2015-06-04 02:00:56 by Monica141414