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Your feet and weedwacking weeds to punish them

Just a little poll about your feet and weedwacking weeds :)
Boy or Girl?
Do you use an electric or gas weedwacker on your weeds?
How many strings whip the weeds at once?
What do you wear on your feet when you weedwack your weeds?
Socks & Sandals
Running Shoes
Just Socks
If you chose barefeet, why?
I feel bad for the weeds and don't want the extra drama with shoes and socks
To make weedwacking more like sex
I don't weedwack in just barefeet
Anything else is too much for the weeds because of my feet, they give up too easily and don't get punished
How much do you use your feet on the weeds?
I use my feet along with the whining and moaning of the weedwacker to make the punishment more dramatic for the weeds, but I only get personal with the weeds if I absolutely have too.
My feet are right there up close to the weeds adding drama while the weedwacker is whipping and punishing them, and won't hesitate to jump in and get personal with a weed if the need comes up
All the time, the weeds are getting it from my feet and they can feel my feet on them all the time while they're getting spanked
What do your feet primarily do to the weeds?
Encourage and let them know it's ok to cry or scream
Mock and humiliate the weeds while the weedwacker makes them scream
Staying in contact with them and adding extra pain for them on top of the spanking
Scare and discourage them from trying to fight back or resist their punishmenrt
Help comfort them through the pain if it's getting out of control
Holding them down so they can't get away from the strings
If you use flared pants on your weeds when you weedwack, why?
To make my feet look smaller and more cute for the weeds
To stop the weeds from trying to get to my feet or ankles for comfort
Other or you don't use flared pants on weeds
To help with the drama, I let my pants droop and sag over most my feet to help them look more frowny and sad for the weeds, and force the weeds to focus on my toes
For protection
If weeds fall on top of your feet and stock their thorns in you, or try to get comfort from your feet when you didn't want to give it to then what happens?
I just comfort them anyway
I wiggle my toes so the weeds can feel it
The weeds get whipped even harder, since they need to be punished for this now too
Now they're getting weedwacked and spanked over my feet, they wanted my feet so bad now they have to deal with it
If your shoes have toe bumpers (the part on the bottom that comes up in front over the tips of your toes and makes a frown), how do they make your feet look?
Overdramatic and mocking, like they're making fun of the weeds
Mean and uncaring, like they want the weeds to feel hopeless
I don't have shoes with toe bumpers
Sad or sympathetic, like they feel bad for the weeds
What's your style for how you make the weedwacker engine \\ sound like to the weeds?
Variable in length and pitch, like moaning or crying
Really high pitched and pulsating screaming
Long and drawn out dramatic wailing
Do you think it's more important for the weed to just be punished for what it's done or do you hope it's sorry for what it did before it dies too?
I want the weeds to be sorry and know why I had to do this to them, and that I did it for them too
As long as the weed pays for the damage it caused or would have caused, that's enough
What's you age?
12 - 14
15 - 19
20 - 24
25 - 30
31 - 34
35 - 40
< 5'
5'1" - 5'5"
5'6" - 5'11"
6' - 6'4"
> 6'4"
< 90
91 - 119
120 - 149
150 - 180
181 - 199
200 - 219
> 220
What color socks do you like to use most on weeds (if more than one color, just pick the color around your toes, if you weedwack barefoot, just pick the color you would use on them)
Is (or would be) the shade of the color of your socks light or dark?
Did you like this poll?
Optionally say anything about weedwacking and you that you want here, let it out! Feel free to leave a message or email me at seans99727@gmail.com I'd love to talk about punishing weeds and feet with you
This poll was created on 2015-05-30 15:16:02 by seans99727