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punishing commands-giving and obeying

How would you react when your parents or teachers will punish you too mildly/harshly? And how would you yourself command someone to do a punishment?
Your gender + age?
preschool girl
preschool boy
female adult <30
male adult <30
female adult 30+
male adult 30+
You were rude. Your mother sends you to the corner just by words "Go to the corner for an hour" What punishment it means? Describe in details,what do your mother want you to do in the corner in your opinion.
Do you agree with the punishment?
No,I should be punished more mildly
No,I should be punished more harshly
No,I should not be punished for this
If you think that the punishment your mother wants you to do in your opinion,how would you make it harsher/milder?
You got bad grades. Your father tells you to hold out your hands for caning,for 10 strokes on each hand. What would you do?
say "Here" and hold out hands
say "No,please,punish me by another way", and clasp hands
kneel,say "No,please,do not punish me" and clasp hands
say "Here,but please do not give me so many strokes" and hold out hands
say "Here,but please give me more strokes" and hold out hands
say "No,bad grades should be punished more seriously", take the wooden spoon and start to beat your own hands hardly
Your parents caught you smoking but did not punish you. Is it right for you?
Yes,smoking should not be punished
No,some punishment should be,but only mild
No,there should be an ordinary punishment
No,I want harsh punishment
If you answered "no" in the previous question,will you punish yourself?
No,but I will ask my parents to punish me
no,I will not be punished
If you answered that you want punishment in the previous question,what punishment? Describe in details
Imagine you have been rude to the teacher repeatedly. You are ordered to paint a red circle into the centers of your palms. Then you must take a cane and put it on the red circles. While holding the cane,you must kneel down on the floor in the main hall or entrance hall or somewhere like this,while you must hold the cane for all the time. You must also write a big sign saying "I am punished for being rude. If you think it needs more punishment,take the cane and give me five strokes on the red circles" and wear it during the kneeling. The time of your punishment is the remaining part of the lesson when you got the punishment and every next break. Everyone (teachers,students,simply everyone) who is going around is allowed to take the cane and give you five strokes (FIVE,NO MORE,NO LESS) on each red circled palm.But noone can come to punish you twice or more times. The teacher who punished you will give you a list of paper,and everyone who punishes you must sign it. What do you do?
I will obediently take my punishment exactly how I am told to do
I will make my punishment harsher by uncovering my knees and holding my arms stretched
I will cheat and not hold the cane,I will hide my sign,close my fists to hide red circles and put the cane under my knees,in order to avoid caning
I will cheat and just offer my hands for caning without being on my knees
I will voluntarily stay after school and continue my punishment for an hour after the lessons' end
I will say "Please give me another punishment"
I will take a pencil and put it under my knees to cause discomfort
I will allow everyone who punishes my red circles to punish me more than once or give me more than 5 strokes
Imagine you come home with the note in your pupil's book that you were running in the classroom. Your mother decides that you must expose your feet for caning. She says that you are going to get 20 strokes over your feet. She does not tell you if you must be barefoot or not. How would you react?
I will kneel and say "I beg for another punishment"
I will take off my socks,lie down, bend my legs up and say "My feet deserve it,punish me how much you want"
I will obediently kneel on the chair and expose my feet. I will not take off my socks if I am not being told to do it.
I will say "Only 20? I thought I deserve a strict punishment.",then I will kneel on chair,barefooted.
I will say "OK,but please give me 30 minutes for preparation" and then I will go to the corner and kneel there barelegged.
I will say "OK,but whip my feet with nettles first" and go to collect nettles with bare hands.
I will say "My feet deserve caning,but please do not give me so many strokes" and unsurely expose my feet in socks.
Imagine you were extremely rude to your parents. They give you a bowl of an uncooked rice and some heavy books. The mother says "You know what to do. This is your punishment. For two hours". What do you think,what does your mother want you to do for two hours with the books and rice?
Do you think that it is OK to be punished like that?
Yes,it is OK and I will do it obediently
No,too mild
No,too strict
No,I should not be punished for being rude
If you think you are punished too mildly/harshly,how will you modify your punishment to make it milder/harsher?
And now the second part-how would you yourself order punishments: Imagine that you have a son who broke the neighbour's window. You want to cane his hands to punish him for it. How would you give him this punishment?
I will say "hold out your hands"
I will take a cane and point to his hands
I will just take a cane and tap it on my palm
I will say "Your hands need punishment."
Imagine you have a daughter who were rude to the teacher and you. You want to make her to kneel on a traingular log while holding another logs on her outstretched arms for an hour. How would you order her to do it?
Imagine you are a teacher and some student will come late to your lesson with no excuse. You want him to spend the rest of the lesson on his bare knees in the corner. How would you make him?
I will say "Uncover your knees and go to kneel into the corner"
I will grab his ear and lead him into the corner,then I will say "On your bare knees"
I will just point to my knees and then into the corner.
I will tap on his knees with the cane,say "uncover them." and then say "you know where to go"
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