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an idea for a sponsored swim to raise money for a scout group

to find out if any scout leaders think that having their scout group do a sponsored swim fully clothed in their shoes and socks is a good idea
are you a scout group leader
if you have given answer 1 I have an idea for you to help raise money scout for your scout group the idea is to get the kids in your scout group to do a sponsored swim fully clothed in their shoe and socks what do you think
yes that is a good idea I will send a letter to the parents of the kids in the group and get their permission for them to do it and will arrange it with the local swimming pool for it to take place
it sound a good idea but not sure the parents of the kids would allow them to do it I could find out and arrange it if they would
no it is not a good idea there is to much risk involved
if you have given the first three answers will you come back on this poll and say what happens
i will think about it
no as I am not doing the idea but thanks for it any way
what happened with regards the sponsored swim
sent letters out about it the parents of the kids gave their permission so I arranged it with the local pool and we did the swim and raised a lot of money doing so thanks for butting the idea to me
I sent letters out to the parents and they said no way to their kids do it so we did not do it
I did not do it as their were too many risks involved but thanks for the idea
This poll was created on 2015-05-25 19:30:32 by HOWARDTHEDUCK