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Mothers who oversee their sons' or daughters' marriages.

This is a poll for mothers only, who have married sons or daughters that they take authority in some way over those marriages.
What is your age group?
30 to 40
41 to 50
51 to 60
61 to 75
Do you still maintain authority over your sons' or daughters' life after they are married?
Yes, still full authority.
Yes, some authority on certain issues.
Yes, but very little and limited use of authority
They are on their own.
Do you acquire the same authority over the new spouse in their marriage as over your own child?
Yes, same as my child
Just over my own child
They are on their own
Do you lay down the rules and consequences to this new son or daughter-in-law?
No, they are on their own
Do you lay down the rules before or after the marriage?
Shortly after
When problems arise.
Have you disciplined your new son or daughter-in-law for not following your rules as you do your son or daughter?
Yes, the same
Yes, even harder
Yes, but easier
No, only my child.
No, not either one.
What methods of discipline have you used on your adult child and their spouse if needed?
Sent to room for a long period.
Grounded from going out.
Withhold financial help.
Mouth soaped
Extra chores done for you.
Is your use of authority on their marriage bringing desired results?
Yes, very pleased with my using the authority.
Yes, working fairly well.
Yes, but need to get stricter.
No, not really getting any improvement.
Time to let them go.
Do they respect and bide by your authority and accept your correction and discipline when not meeting your requirements?
Yes, and they best continue.
Yes, but do have discussions on rules.
No, it is time to let them go.
Do you plan to continue to supervise the marriage a s long as you are able?
Yes, as long as I can.
No, will reach appoint they can do it on their own.
No, it is time to let them go.
Thank you all mothers and mother-in-laws or if you do both. If you would like to comment about how you do things, I would love to see how things go for you.
This poll was created on 2015-05-25 12:56:02 by J B Whittlespoon