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Will a female please act her most VENGEFUL to help with this part of my book?

Brent was a nerdy 19 year old sophomore in college, cocky about his intelligence.. He was a little on the short side at 5'5, but wasn't fat or skinny. He did have a surprisingly cute bubble butt, though. To get out of his shell, his friend Ashley suggests he pledge a frat. His first mission? Panty raid of the college girls' basketball team at noon on Tuesday. In the middle of gathering all the undies in their locker room, he hears "HEY!" and turns to see the whole girls team who caught him. You are the MERCILLESS team captain.
How old are you, are you in good shape, and are you geeky or outgoing typically?
Catching him, you grab him by the back of his shorts, pull him towards you and tell Brent that his punishment will be to streak back to the frat house in broad daylight. How do you word this to him in a funny, teasing way?
Once they strip him quickly of all his clothes, one of the girls says that she knows his friend Ashley, and laughs that Brent is "still a virgin". What can you say while laughing to mock his darkest secret as Brent blushes & covers his privates with both hands?
Brent says "Please, you can't make me leave wearing NOTHING!" And you say "Oh, we'll give you SOMETHING to wear!" They push him on the floor on his stomach, hold him down & you write WHAT funny 1 or 2 word comment in black marker on his bare, white butt?
As they shove him out the door leading outdoors nude, what do you say to him before slapping his bare butt & slamming the door while laughing?
What do you do with your new trophy - his whole set of clothes?
This poll was created on 2015-05-05 03:24:31 by Monica141414