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Girls, are you as strong as this boy?

I always felt I was a fairly strong girl, I'm 18, 5'6'' and weigh 125 lbs, I practice sports and I'm one of the best volleyball players in school, guys my age I understand they are stronger since they are much bigger and have more muscle, but I always thought I was stronger than a younger boy. Well, last summer my best girl friend invited me to a party at her house, we were playing near the pool, we had a contest to see who could lift the other the longest, I picked her up in my arms but I could only hold her for 20 seconds, she is a bit heavier than me, she did much worse and could only hold me for like 10 seconds lol. Then came her little brother, who is an inch shorter than I am and weighs the same than I do, he is 14 by the way, he asked us to let him play, I let him try and he picks me up with just one arm and then he approaches my friend and without letting me down he lifts her with his other arm, what the hell? My friend's mom was there laughing and snapped picture of us. Here's the pic so you can see how he carried us, I censor my friend's faces but I'm the girl on the left. http://imagizer.imageshack.us/a/img908/1816/IpFdbu.jpg Anyway, he started counting to 30 before letting us down, I was impressed but at the same time embarrased that this boy was so much stronger than I was. So, am I really weak or are boys just so much stronger than girls?
Are you as strong as the 14yo boy in the picture?
No, he is far stronger than I am
No, he is quite stronger than I am
No, he is a bit stronger than I am
I'm about as strong as he is, I can lift two girls in my arms for over a minute no problem.
I'm stronger than he is.
This poll was created on 2015-04-01 06:30:46 by Samanthita