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Have you or would you ever share your boyfriend/husband with a friend?

I'm curious about a scenario involving women sharing their boyfriend/husband with a 'close' friend. Situation would be this: You have a boyfriend or husband, the two of you love each other and the sex is good/great. Healthy love/sex life. You also have a close friend whose boyfriend/husband is nice, but a terrible lover. Your friend loves her boyfriend/husband, but is very sexually frustrated. Your friend isn't the type to go out and find a stranger to cheat with. Your friend and your boyfriend/husband know each other as well and there's an obvious mutual physical attraction. You know that your friend and your boyfriend/girlfriend would never hook-up together behind your back.
Are you a man or a woman?
Women only, please. Would you consider allowing your boyfriend/husband to take care of your friend's sexual needs if you know her needs clearly aren't being fulfilled?
Yes, but she would have to be an extremely close, or lifelong friend.
Yes, as long as I've been friends with her for awhile and really liked her.
Not sure - can't say that I wouldn't, but I'd have to think about it first.
No way!
Men only, please. If your wife/girlfrind asked you to satisfy a friend of hers (telling you of your friend's situation), would you agree to it?
Yes, definitley.
Probably, after talking it over with both my wife/girlfriend and her friend.
It would be a difficult decision.
No, I'm not into sex with someone whose not my wife/girlfriend.
Women - If you would allow your man to satisfy your friend, would it be a one-time only thing, or would you allow it to be a regular event?
One-time only.
Depends on how it goes the first time.
Would let it be a regular thing.
Men - If you agreed to satisfy your wife/girlfriend's friend, would it be a one-time only thing?
Yes, one-time only.
Depends on how good the sex is.
Would keep going as long as wife/girlfriend allows it.
Women - If you let your man and your friend get together, would you want to be involved?
Yes, would be an active participant (3-way)
Yes, but I'd just want to watch.
I would not be present, but would want to know (be told) about everything afterwards.
No, I would be aware of it, but would not want to hear the details.
What would be your considerations of your friend's boyfriend/husband?
He doesn't need to know.
If he can't satisfy his wife/girlfriend, then it's okay for her to get satisfaction elsewhere.
He should be made aware of the situation and be invited to participate in some fashion.
He should be made aware of the situation and be given the choice to have sexual relations with someone outside the relationship.
What other questions regarding this situation have I forgotten, that I should ask?
Care to share a personal experience?
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