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Corporal Punishment

Yet another poll on this popular poll subject. Few societies manage without punishments or sanctions. In modern times, in western nations, corporal punishment (CP) has largely fallen out of favour as a sanction. The alternatives to CP are often costly, time consuming and/or damaging. By contrast, moderate CP can be quick, cheap, and cathartic - if the delinquent and the community accept it as fair and reasonable under the circumstances prevailing. Below are a series of questions relating to the use of CP in situations where it is or might be an acceptable sanction.
CP best suits
Boys, 12 and younger
Boys, 13-15
Boys, 16-18
Boys, 19-21
Men, 22-30
Men, 31-
Girls, 12 and younger
Girls, 13-15
Girls, 16-18
Girls, 19-21
Women, 22-30
Other than the above. Specify
The best target CP is
The buttocks
The palms of the hands
The back of the thighs
The calves
The upper back
Depends on the implement. Explain
Other than the above. Specify
The best implement for administering CP is
Leather strap or belt
Paddle or other rigid flat object
Cane or switch
Other than the above. Specify
CP works best as
a routine first-choice punishment for minor offences
a routine, second-choice punishment when other methods have been tried.
a punishment for offences of intermediate seriousness
a punishment for serious or special offences
an option that may be chosen by the delinquent in place of another punishment such as detention.
Other than the above. Specify
CP should usually be carried out
in strict privacy
in the presence of a witness
in the presence of the delinquent's peers
in public
Depends on the circumstances
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