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Mothers love to pie their kids in the face! Getting that first pie in the face from mom is a rite of passage! The first time my mom pied me I was at the family Sunday morning coffee and bakery gathering, everyone was teasing me because I wanted coffee, but they thought I was too young. My mom poured me some, but she had another surprise too, she took out a huge whipped cream pie, and said, "do you want the SPECIAL OF THE DAY with your coffee?" I was terrified, but excited! "Y-you WOULDN'T!?" I said nervously.."W-would you?" She smiled and said, "Your doomed." I played into it, and did a big, cartoony sounding, nervous GULP as the pie was held menacingly in front of my face, (everyone was already laughing) then she SMOOSHED the pie in my face and rubbed it all over me!! Everyone was laughing SOOO hard at me!! I sat there, humiliated , but loving every minute of it! She said, "well, I guess you got some CREAM with your coffee!" She then said, "instead of coffee, you need a nice hot bath!"-I said "No! not a bath! I'm too old for that!" I pleaded, she said "get the hook!" and was handed a large cane that we had, everyone was laughing yelling "give him the hook!" She didn't want to get her clothes too messy, so she put the cane around me, and dragged me away saying, "No coffee for you, instead it's to the bathroom to clean up!" she hooked me away humiliating me further, while everyone was laughing and I was camping it up saying "Not that! Anything but the bath!!". She hooked me to the bathroom and gave me a long soapy humiliating BATH! I got a pie in the face AND was GIVEN THE HOOK and by my MOTHER even!! Two vaudeville humiliations at once!! Best day ever! This poll is for those who enjoy, or have been given the pie or the hook by their mothers.
Have you ever been pied in the face by your mother?
Are you a guy or a girl?
How did you feel when your MOM of ALL PEOPLE pied you?
Soo humiliated! ( but I secretly loved it!)
Soo humiliated! ( for real, I really hated it!)
What was YOUR situation like getting a pie in the face from your mother? How old were you, who was around at the time, did they laugh? Do tell!!
Has your mom ever "given you the hook" or, even if she hasn't ACTUALLY given it to you, has she ever used the term, "get the hook!" on you? ( my mom LOVED to say that to me when I was being stupid or singing badly!) and how did it make you feel?
Do you think taking a pie in the face from your mom is a rite of passage that EVERYONE should have to go through? (I do!!) what do you think should be incorporated into this hilarious and humiliating ritual?
Did you like my story about what happened to me? What did you like about it? Would you have wanted the same thing to happen to you? Please discuss:
This poll was created on 2015-03-16 06:46:04 by gulpimdoomed