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how should I be tied up (males and females)

I am a guy in my early 20's, I am very chatty and sometimes need to be bound and gagged so people I know can enjoy some peace and quiet. I am curious to know how you think I should be tied up.
Below I described some of the people who usually tie me up, who needs to tie me up the most, pick the top 3.
Girlfriend, average height, shoulder length blond hair,
Sister, tall, light brown hair,
Girlfriend's two friends, one is short with dark brown hair, likes to tickle me, the other is tallish, Asian,
Sister's two friends, one is short with dark hair,, the other is average height, darker skin,
Sister's track coach, average height, brown hair,
Sister's basketball coach, average height, asian,
female friend 1 and her mother, blond,
female friend 2, Filipino, dark hair,
ex girlfriend 1 and her sister, east indian,
ex girlfriend 2, average height, light skin, dark hair,
Which of these public places do I need to be tied up?
At the theater
In a coffee shop
At school in the library
In the car
Which of these private situations do I need to be tied up?
At home watching a movie
When they want me out of the way for a party
They are trying to work and I am distracting
At night when they want to sleep
just because they are bored
whenever they feel like being mean to me
revenge for something, like what
Should I be given a choice about being tied up?
If I refuse how should they get me tied up?
Gang up on me
Ambush me
Talk me into it
What should they use to tie me up?
Silver duct tape
Black duct tape
White medical tape
Plastic wrap
How should they tie me?
wrists, elbows, arms pinned to me, legs tied above and below knees, ankles tied
tied to a chair
tied to a bed
tied up in a sack
encased in pantyhose
should they just tied me up whenever I might be a problem or give me a chance first?
tied up automatically
give me a chance
should I be blindfolded
some of the time
the whole time
bag over my head
I am already in a sack
a long sock over my eyes
rubber blindfold
satin blindfold
tape strips
tape wrapped
panties over my face
how should they tie my feet?
tape my toes together
tie my toes with string
tape my arches together
Now for the most important part, what should be stuffed in my mouth?
socks how many?
optional, should it be clean or dirty, from a person or the laundry, any particular color, any other details
What to hold it in?
somebodies foot pressed against my lips
duct tape wrapped around
pieces of tape
a long sock as a cleave gag
a ball gag
pantyhose as a cleave gag
Should they put their feet in my face?
Most of the time
some of the time
a little bit
how smelly on a scale of one to ten, ten being the smelliest
socked feet
one foot socked the other bare
pantyhose feet
bare feet
after wearing shoes (what kind)
tape a shoe over my nose (what kind)
tape their feet against my face
one pair of feet at a time
multiple pairs of feet at once
sit on my stomach and put their feet in my face
sit beside me and put their feet sideways over my face
sit above me and put their heels on my forhead and toes on my mouth
rest their feet on my face
rub their feet all over my face
make me smell their heels
make me smell their arches
make me smell between their toes
pinch my nose with their feet
use me as a foostool
optional: anything else you want to add about the previous question?
should they tickle me? how and with what? optional
optional, is there anything else they should say or do to me now that I am tied up and gagged?
how should they talk to me when I am bound and gagged?
kind and reassuring
playful but mean
just be mean
This poll was created on 2014-12-31 23:42:32 by tylerdurden56