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Where should I be topless?

I ran a poll recently on my clothing restrictions, and boy am I regretting asking for suggestions! Someone suggested I go topless, and since that's legal where I live my husband is all for it. I can't go topless at work, because that's against the rules, but my husband now wants me to make a poll about where I should go topless.
I'm at home--when, if ever, should I cover up?
When someone comes to visit
When prudes/old people come to visit
When family come to visit
When answering the door
When dealing with delivery men, tradesmen, or salesmen
When someone asks me to
When my husband tells me to
Whenever I want
I'm driving my car--should I wear something over my breasts?
Only if it's cold
Whenever I wnat
Only if my husband agrees
Only if someone tells me to
No, unless I get pulled over by the police
No, even if I get pulled over by the police
If I walk down the street to visit a shop, mail a letter, or just for exercise, should I cover up?
No, unless someone tells me to
No, unless my husband allows it
No, unless I want to
No, unless it's cold (how cold?)
If I visit a friend or go to a party, should I put on a top?
Yes, always
Yes, unless some other woman is topless
Yes, unless we're going into the pool
No, unless my husband gives me permission
No, unless someone tells me to
No, unelss I want to
No, unless the host tells me to
What should I tell people who ask me why I'm topless?
I feel better this way
It's for health reasons
Mister Poll told me to go topless
Why aren't you topless?
My husband wants me to do this
This poll was created on 2015-03-05 02:58:45 by Captain Ann