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Could a female nerd please tell me how you would react to this part of my novel?

Alice was 20 years old & a lovable 5'1 straight A geek, the only virgin of her friends & so meek that she wouldn't even wear a bikini at the beach despite a bubble butt & c-cup breasts that she hides under sweaters. She has a rivalry with Brittany, an outgoing girl. One day, Alice can't help herself and corrects Brittany in class, making everyone laugh & embarrassing Brittany. At the college gym, though Alice NEVER would shower with the other girls, nobody is around, and she has no choice. It's her birthday, and she wouldn't have time to get home and make it to meet her friends. So Alice strips down and showers.
What's your age, why are you a geek, & how close are you to Alice's emotional & physical description?
Do you feel vulnerable while showering bare, even though nobody is in the locker room? Why?
While showering, how do you feel once you hear Brittany's voice say "Hey, check out that virgin's cute white butt!" with her two friends laughing? How do you react?
Brittany & her friends grab you & drag you towards the exit of the locker room. You can hear several students in the hall. Brittany says "If you don't beg me to let you go & tell me how much smarter you think I am than you, and make it sound good, I'm tossing you out there NAKED." What do you say? And how do you feel inside after you say it?
When you imagined yourself in this situation while at your computer, did you blush or subconsciously cover your breasts even while currently clothed?
This poll was created on 2015-02-23 16:54:46 by Monica141414