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Well... Currently I using a normal phone without a touch-screen. A phone with a camera and MP3 and a long battery life. That's all. Just simple life. I NEVER EVER and never will and not even ones having a Smartphones or a touch-screen phone in my life. Because I felt so annoying about this Smartphones thingy and I heard it cause a lot of problems too. I don't even use this bloody Smartphones I already hate it. I don't know what and/or why bother me so much about this Smartphones. But all I can say is that The Era of Smartphones are totally sucks and full of crap. So I say... I hate Smartphones. What you guys thing? Agree on me this one?

Do you like Smartphones?

77% (74) Yes, I love it. Because its cool. (:-)
22% (22) No, I hate it. Because its annoying and full of crap. >:-(

96 voters have answered this question.

Are you proud to live in The Era of Smartphone and be a part of Smartphone World?

67% (65) Yes, its totally fun. It makes me smile all the way. (:-)
32% (31) No, its not fun at all. I feel myself like a fool and like an idiot playing with this toys call "Smartphones" or whatever in this stupid Era of Smartphones. >:-(

96 voters have answered this question.

Do you hoping one day in future that the old phone(Non touch-screen) with camera and MP3 will rule the world again and make a come back?

33% (32) Yes. I'm not only hoping... I WISH the old phone coming back to where it belongs.
66% (64) No. I hope Smartphones will continue towards the future and make more advance.

96 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2015-02-17 11:34:50 by MikeAngel1990
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