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Adults with braces and headgear

I am curious about what people think about adults with braces and headgear. My wife and I are both in our 40's and decided to do something about our teeth. After consulting several orthodontists, all recommending surgery, which we didn't want. We found an older orthodontist that is providing a more "traditional" treatment. So, here we are as adults, with metal braces for the last 2 years, with about another 2 years to go. We have both had headgear for the last 18 months, mine "high pull" and hers "cervical". We try to wear the headgear 24/7. Being our age, with braces and headgear gets a lot of funny looks. I wonder what people think?
What do you think of a couple in their 40's with braces and headgear?
Cool! Good to see people taking care of their teeth.
It's you choice! No strong opinion either way.
Weirdos! You two are nuts, go for the surgery and get it over with.
Have you ever had orthodontic treatment?
No, never
Yes, as a teenager without headgear
Yes, as a teenager with headgear
Yes, as an adult without headgear
Yes, as an adult with headgear
If you had headgear, did you wear it in public?
Yes, as a teenager
Yes, as an adult
Type of braces you wore, if your wore braces?
We wonder if you would date an adult with braces/headgear?
Yes, Braces or not, doesn't make a difference
Yes, Braces are "cool"!
Even though we get looks and questions, we are very happy with our decision to get traditional orthodontic treatment. We didn't want the risks and long recovery from jaw surgery. This process has brought us closer together, and in a way we really enjoy our metal mouths. What do you think of what we are doing?
If you are an adult with crooked teeth, and money was no object, would you want to have orthodontic treatment?
No. I like my smile the way it is
Yes, ceramic braces, no headgear
Yes, ceramic braces, headgear
Yes, metal braces, no headgear
Yes, metal braces, headgear
Yes, metal or ceramic braces, with surgery if necessary. Anything to get it over quickly
If your treatment involved headgear would you...
Wear it only in private
Wear it as much as possible, including at work and in public
This poll was created on 2015-02-09 01:26:32 by norcalheeler