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Punishing my daughter (tickling)

i am a father and i have a 19 years old daughter. she has a personality disorder and sometimes i don't know how punish her without hurting. She uses to scream, call me bad names, break things, offend me and make fun of me. I have read some sites as misterpoll and i am thinking that tickling is a good idea to punish her, but i don't know how to do it, so i am here to ask you some ideas.
where should i tickle her?
how can i restrain my daughter?
tie her
hold her
free ( just tickle her and don't do nothing for restrain her)
what should i use to tickle her?
if she becomes really afflicted and tells me that my tickling maked her itch. Should i rub the part of her body i am tickling for relieving her?
yes (ever)
no (never! she has to be punished!)
yes, but sometimes... just rub her the times when she is really really afflicted
yes, but just rub for the first two times (just for 2 times she ask me for do that and no more)
if she calls me bad names while i am punishing her, what should i do?
add more time to the tickling
make the tickle being more hard to hold ( if i tickle slower she becomes more afflicted, by example)
just scold
gag her
give her a slap on her ass
forbid toilet usage ( when she needs to go to the toilet for a next time, i just should make her hold for a hour by example)
how long should i punish her?
half hour
a hour
2 hours
2 hours and half
3 hours
3 hours and half
4 hours
4 hours and half
5 hours
if she begs me to stop what should i do?
stop with tickling and talk with her to calm her
keep with tickling and explain her she got to be punished to learn that she has to change her behaviour
keep with tickling and ignore her because she knows what she did
keep with tickling and laugh on her face
what should i tell her while i am punishing her?
explain her what she did of bad
just laugh on her face
be serious and don't tell nothing (even she asks me something) because it's a serious thing that will make my daughter change her behaviour
tell her it's a revenge
just talk when she ask me something but being serious
just talk when she ask me something but being smiling
This poll was created on 2015-02-06 20:25:53 by 512