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Barefoot at our class reunion

I'm organizing our next class reunion (18 years after leaving school) which will take place this summer. A female friend of mine lost a bet right before the last class reunion and therefore had to come to the class reunion with bare feet in barefoot sandals. I think she would have dared to do it, but we'll never get to know it because she got sick before the reunion and had to stay at home. However, do you think she should wear her barefoot sandals for the new class reunion? And what about some details her and me didn't talk about the last time? Please help us - she'll do what you decide!
Does she have to wear barefoot sandals for the class reunion? We haven't decided yet where we'll meet.
yes, but only if we meet at an (artificial) beach
yes, as long as we meet at an outdoor location (beach but also beer garden etc.)
yes, no matter where we meet, even if it's an indoor location due to the weather
she's free to decide if she wants to wear them or not
If she has to wear barefoot sandals, is she allowed to take some "emergency shoes" with her or does she have to leave her shoes at home?
no emergency shoes allowed
she might take emergency shoes with her, but only if we meet indoor
she might take emergency shoes with her no matter where we meet
If you permit her to take "emergency shoes" with her, when should she be allowed to wear them?
For the way to the location and back home.
if it get's cold at night
if we move to another location (e. g. from the beer garden to a bar)
if she has to go to the toilet
only in a REAL case of emergency (what are you thinking of?)
she's not allowed to wear them at all
Do her toe nails have to be painted? She paints them normally in summer, once even with two colors alternating from toe to toe. But she refused to do the two-color-thing for the class reunion last time.
yes, one color
yes, two colors alternating from toe to toe
yes, two colors, one for each foot
yes, rainbow colors
If yes, which color(s)? Her barefoot sandals are made out of abalone shell.
light red
dark red
light blue
dark blue
Does she have to wear toe rings with her barefoot sandals? She owns one (but will buy more if you want her to) but refused to wear it together with the barefoot sandals because she thinks it doesn't match that well.
yes, one
yes, two, one on each foot
yes, two at the same foot
yes, four, two on each foot
yes, four on the same foot
yes, on all but the big toes of both feet
yes, on all toes of both feet
Do you want even more styling for her feet?
no, that's enough
yes, a writing across her soles "Class reunion 2015"
yes, a writing across the top of her feet "Class reunion 2015"
yes, something else. What?
How dirty do her soles have to get?
stay clean
slightly dirty
dirty enough to let everyone know she spent the evening barefoot
pitch black
Does she have to do one or more of the following things during the class reunion? She'll do anything above 50%.
show her dirty soles to her male former class mates
show her dirty soles to her female former class mates
encourage as many female former class mates as possible to walk barefoot with her
step deliberately into food lying on the floor
grind out a cigarette with her bare sole (she smokes)
let her former class mates sign her feet with their names
FOR THE BOYS ONLY: Would you like your girlfriend to go on her class reunion wearing just barefoot sandals on bare feet?
she already did
yes, I'd love to see her like this
she should do it if she wants to, it's up to her
I would not want her to do it
FOR THE GIRLS ONLY: Would you go to your class reunion wearing barefoot sandals instead of "real" shoes?
I already did. Why and how was it?
I'll do it next time, that sounds like fun!
I'm not sure - it might be nice but maybe also embarrassing
no, it would be too embarrassing for me
no, I don't like going barefoot in public
If you like, you can describe your idea of an ideal class reunion for my barefoot friend. And you can leave your mail adress (and your gender please) if you want to know how the real class reunion went.
This poll was created on 2015-01-27 16:20:26 by burningspear