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Does more romance from your partner/spouse equal more sex?

This poll is really for women but is not closed to men. It may seem like a silly question but its more detailed than you think. I would love to find out from others what the statistical breakdown is.

How old are you?

45% (5) 20-30
27% (3) 30-40
9% (1) 40-50
18% (2) 50+

11 voters have answered this question.

Are you currently in a committed relationship or have been?

90% (10) Yes
9% (1) No

11 voters have answered this question.

If you answered yes, how long was the relationship/marriage?

36% (4) 1-5 years
45% (5) 5-10 years
18% (2) 10-20 years
0% (0) 20+

11 voters have answered this question.

How often do you have sex with your partner/spouse on average?

54% (6) More than 3 times a week
36% (4) 2 times a week
0% (0) Once a week
9% (1) Less than 3 times a month

11 voters have answered this question.

How would you rate your partner/spouse on romance on a level of 1 to 3 with one being very romantic and 3 being not romantic

36% (4) 1
36% (4) 2
27% (3) 3

11 voters have answered this question.

Ladies, society generally claims men in relationships would have more sex with their partners if they showed more affection and learned how to be more romantic (Do more to impress you - flowers, love notes/cards, dates, helped more with work around the house etc.... Would you say this statement is generally true or false? Please keep in mind other factors like children, work schedule, and energy levels

81% (9) True
18% (2) False

11 voters have answered this question.

I you answered True then what would the actual likely hood be that you would have more sex with your husband?

54% (6) Very likely
27% (3) Somewhat likely
18% (2) Not likely at all, my schedule is to complicated to have any more time for sex

11 voters have answered this question.

Detailed romantic scenario for the ladies.. You and your partner/husband both work and equally share all home and cleaning responsibilities . You come home to find your partner/husband has cooked and elaborate meal for you. Tea cup candles placed inside of a large rose pedal floating in a crystal bowl on the table. After eating you find in the bedroom roses in a vase surrounded by more tea cup candles floating inside rose pedals. A trail of rose pedals leads to the master bathroom covered in more rose pedals and more candles. Next to the tub is a heart shape created by more rose pedals. In the tub are... you guessed it more rose pedals. How would you respond to your partner/husband

27% (3) Jump his bones and make love to him right on the spot
45% (5) That night make passionate love to him and do anything for him that he would want you to do
9% (1) Enjoy the rest of the evening with him and spend time together cuddling
18% (2) None of the above

11 voters have answered this question.

If none of the above then why?

63% (7) Just not time in my schedule: children, work, tired etc....
36% (4) My partner/husband is not romantic in any way and his attempt was nothing more than a way to get me to have sex with him

11 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2015-01-14 18:59:45 by Long41
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