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femilized school?! clothes

the school i go to was a private only girl baording school but it changed this year because with only girls the school has too less money to keep the school running
because the school has no money so the school clothes are not all remade for boys.
first of all, the uniforms were remade so thats not a problem but our P,E clothes are not remade so the clothes look a bit wierd. the shirts are a lot more loose in the top and it fits tight in the bottom. our shorts are too short and tight. the clothes are uncomfortable and humiliating the girls always laughs at us. wht should the school do? to tell you how it looks like, the top is unexplainable but the shorts barely covers anything and it fits tight as if it's made of rubber
second, in our after school time all students are required two sports in the choice of badminton, tennis, dodgeball, netball, handball, volleyball, Figure Skating, Gymnastics, swimming, Dancing, Cheerleading ping pong rhytum Gymnastics ballet etc... the sports doesn't matter a lot but the school didn't remake the CLOTHES so... visual is best so search for girls (sports name) clothes just for imformation badminton clothes are white skirt(the ones that only covers your butt and nothing else) and a shirt that has a bod line that fits for a girl. the boys can't concentrate on the game but use most of the time checking if any embarrasing parts are showing tennis is similar to bdminton dodgeball shirt is similar but the pants are even shorter than your P.E shorts netball clothes are similar to badminton handball clothes are at least the most okay clothes, the shorts are like blommers but at least it covers most of the thigh volleyball clothes are like badminton only the colors are different, at least the school don't require bikinis figure skating class goes to public rink to skate, i don't know why the school doesn't let boys speed skate, but the boys here wear shorts with STOCKINGS it itches and it's uncomfortable for the 'important' part the rest i'll ask yo to imagine it what do you think?
if you were a student in this school which sports will you take??
Figure Skating,
ping pong
rhytum Gymnastics
our school has almost to resctriction on girls uniform length or make up or earrings... however, all boys are required to be fully clothed it means that no skin should be shown except face and hands in winter and in summer it's ridiculusly short like those clothes back in the early 19 hundreds what do you think?
we are required to wear our school clothes even after all our activities are finished. the only place we can wear our "normal" clothes is the dorms. if we are caught wearing normal clothes outside the dorms we get punishments. however!!! i saw a girl wearing her normal clothes talking to the teacher about the class!!! it's so unfair! what do you think?
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