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am I the only one that pees foever

Hi yes I was wondering if any of my female companions on this site has done this its been since I was 2 but I have noticed it in the past few years I think I pee like a waterfall for about 3 minutes everytime I have to pee I have tryed to ask others but no answer and I thought I was a freak please if u answer be truthful
So my main question is any lady's out there ever peed for more then my doctor told me was normal for a female she said the max time should be 1 and a half minutes SO I'm gonna put times down please if u ever have peed in that time frame more then twice then click it I feel like a freak
15 seconds
30 seconds
40 seconds
50 seconds
60 seconds which is a minute
1 minute 15 seconds
1 minute 30 seconds
1 minute 40 seconds
2 minutes and above
This poll was created on 2015-01-05 20:22:26 by jesse don buntz