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Oh no, I have got my car stuck (Ladies only please)

A poll about how and when you have got your car stuck.
hello, what age group do you belong to please
18 - 21
22 -27
28 - 33
34 - 40
41 - 47
48 - 55
56 - 63
64 - 70
What part of the world do you live in. A country would be nice please
What type of vehicle do you drive and is it front / rear or all wheel drive?
What type of surface have you been stuck on most recently
Icy road, driveway
Sandy beach
Snowy road, driveway
Snowy /icy car park
Grass verge
Grass car park
gravel track
How many times have you got your car stuck
Only the once
Twice now
Three times
five or six times
At least ten times
I have lost count
Have you always got stuck by accident
Yes, every time, totally by accident
The first time was by accident, the second because I was careless
The first time by accident the next time I was hoping to
The first time by accident the rest on purpose
Always trying to spin the wheels but ended up stuck
I have always got stuck on purpose
What is the longest time you have been stuck for
1 minute
2 - 3 minutes
5 minutes
10 minutes
15 mins
30 mins
1 hour
We're you stuck just in one spot or could you move a few feet and then stop again
totally stuck in one spot
Could move just a few inches, but only one way
just a few inches back and forwards
a good foot either way but not get out
3 - 4 feet but not get clear
could drive for several feet then get bogged down again
Was your car
Front wheel drive
rear wheel drive
Four wheel drive
How did you end up in this situation
Brief explanation please
We're you concerned when you first felt the wheels start to slip and spin
no, I did not think I would get stuck
Not really, I thought the car would get through
No, I quite like the wheels spinning a bit, but did not expect to get stuck
I like spinning the wheels and look for opportunities to do this, but prefer not to get stuck
I like spinning the wheels and look for opportunities to do this. I do not mind getting a bit stuck but like to get out myself
I really enjoy getting stuck and look for opportunities
Yes, I was worried about getting stuck
Have you ever been taken completely by surprise and found you were stuck
Did the situation
Embarrass you
Annoy you
Please you
Not bother you
Have you ever put yourself in a position knowing you might get stuck
No, I would always try and avoid getting stuck
Yes but I hoped I would not get stuck
Yes, I thought the wheels may spin a bit but I would not get stuck
I did not think about it until it was to late
Yes, hoping to just have fun spinning the wheels but not actually get stuck
Yes, rather hoping I would get stuck...and did
How long did you try and free yourself for
I only tried for a couple of minutes and then gave up and looked for help
I tried for about five minutes, then gave up
At least 10 mins
15 - 20 minutes
30 mins
Over an hour
We're you able to get yourself out of trouble
Yes, with a little rocking it came free
Yes with some rocking and revving it came free
I had to find something to put under the wheels
I had to spend time digging
I needed a gentle push
I needed a few people pushing
I had to be towed
If somebody came to the rescue, was it
Brother / sister
Male friend
Female friend
Male stranger
Female stranger
Tow truck
Did it cost you any money
How do you feel about getting stuck and will try and avoid it in the future
This poll was created on 2014-12-15 15:13:21 by stocktaker