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commando on a date

This is a pole for women to see if anyone would ever go commando (no Panty) on a date
Have you ever gone on a date with a man and intentionally not worn any panty or underwear
No, I would never do that
I am a man(stop here)
I am lesbian and do not date men
I have done that at least once
I have donr that 2or 3 times
I have done that many times
I have gone without underwear only because I was wearing a swimsuit or something else which a person does not normally wear underwear with
I always start out with underwear but it is gone by the time we get to the bedroom
What were you wearing the first time you went commando on a date
Pants or jeans
a long skirt- below my knees
a mid length skirt- near the knees
a very short skirt - short enough that there would be a real risk of accidental exposure
shorts , cut so no one could see up the legs
shorts - cut loose enough that spreading my legs would surely reveal somrthing
Describe what you were wearing, if it was especially memorable
Was this the first date?
It was my first date with him, I did not know him very well
It was our first date , but we had already known each other for a while
It was our 2nd or third date
We had been dating for quit a while
we were married or living together
what was the reason you went without a panty - the first time you did that on a date
I hardly ever wear underwear anyway, so that is how I would go on a date
I had run out of clean underwear
Someone dared me to do it
I had to do it because I lost a bet or something similar
The man I was was dating asked me to do it
I thought I would feel sexier not wearing a panty
I was hoping that he would catch my signal that I wanted sex with him
I wanted to tease him and drive him to distraction- and then deny sex
some other personal reason
I was wearing a very tight dress and did not want panty lines
can you describe your reason for not wearing a panty - the first time you did it on a date
did he know you had no panty
It was my secret , I do not think he ever knew
I told him I has no panty at the beginning of the date
I told him sometime later in the date
I flashed him at some point during the date
he found at some point during the date when he was touching or feeling me
how did he react when he found out
instant lust
kind of shocked
not much reaction
describe how he found out
How old were you the first time you went commando on a date
under 16
sixteen to eightteen
nineteen to 21
22 to 25
26 to 30
over 30
if the purpose of going commando was to make sure you had sex that night - did it work
yes we had great sex that night
n o we still did not have sex
he never knew what I was not wearing
I ended up flashing some people I had not planned to
Did anything interesting or unexpected happen?
This poll was created on 2014-12-27 06:21:05 by guy27