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do you or would you put your older kid in diapers?

what would you do within the following situations?
Situation 1: Imagine you have a younger child who is about 3 or 4 years old who recently finished potty training and is doing very well - no accidents for a couple of weeks, so it doesnt have to wear diapers or pullups anymore. You also have an older child who is around 13 years old. Unfortunatly now the older sibling had an accident and the younger sibling noticed it too. What do you do?
Tell it is okay for the older one, because it was surely a one time thing, but threaten the younger one if it had an accident it's time to go back to pullups/diapers
Say it's okay accidents can happen to anyone
Threaten to put the older child back to pullups or diapers if this happens again
Put your older kid in pullups for at least 3 days (if it's not happen again)
Diaper the older child
Diaper the older child in front of the younger sibling
Diaper the older child in front of the younger sibling and treat him/her like a little boy/girl
Put both back to pullups/diapers to be sure
Situation 1(b): The same, two sibblings one is young and just finished potty training and the other is a teen or preeteen - You are going to have an longer road trip and your not sure if your younger, just potty trained child can hold it long enough
No diapers or pullups, they have earned my trust (maybe spare clothes for just in case)
I suggest the younger one to wear a pullup, but would respect it if it says "no"
I put the younger kid in pullups/diapers for just in case, for its own good
I put the younger kid in pullups/diapers for just in case, for its own good and ask the older one if its okay to wear protection too, so the younger sibling feels better
I put both in pullups/diapers
Situation 2: Imagine you have twins, a boy and a girl they are around 10 years old- They both often have to go the bathroom. You are planing a trip through the woods. Your girl is shy about to pee outside into the bushes whily your boy don't have this problem because its easier for him to pee behind a tree.
I let them wear whatever they want to
I suggest my daughter to wear a pullup
I make my daughter wear a pullup
I make both wearing a pullup
Situation 3. Imagine you have a child who is around 13 years old and a regular bedwetter and need to wear goodnites for bed. Now you are with your child in a store and among other shoppings there uis also a pack with the goodnites in your cart. Then you meet a classmate from your child also with a parent, while you have a short talk you see they look odd at the nighttime panties. How you react.
I ignore it and don't make it a topic
I came up with a lie, like it's for a niece/nephew or else
Tell them it's for you child
Situation3b: Same as before but now the other family has a pack with goodnites in cart
Ignore it politely
Say " oh you/your child wets the bed too?"
Situation4: Your child is around 13 and a bedwetter. At your last consultation the doc suggest to record dry and wet nights, how you do it?
Say " we don't need this"
Write down the records on a discreet notepad or somethink like that
Let you child write down the records by itself, in something like a diary or similar
Make a large bedwetting chart with stars and clouds, visible for everyone who came over
Thank you for taking this poll, i hope you liked it. Please leave messages to tell if you have experiances with these or similar situations or what other options you would choose. If there is an interest i can make another one with more situations
This poll was created on 2014-12-19 22:17:22 by audrey101