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Diaper punishment for period accident (for girls)

I had 2 accidents where I forgot my pads for my period and had my period leak through my clothes and onto 2 different things, one was the sofa at home and the other was on my dad's car seat. yesterday I started my period again and now I have to wear diapers for it and for the whole week. I can wear panties with pads at school but as soon as I get home my mom makes me get a diaper put on. I'm not allowed to take off my diaper at all, if I do I will get in even more trouble. I can only ask to use the bathroom and they have to say yes or else I have to go in my diaper. If my parents aren't here or by me when I have to go, then I have to pee or poop in my diaper. I feel really bad about my accidents and have said I was very sorry to my parents nut I do not think it's fair that I have to wear diapers for the week of my period. My dad says it's my fault that I'm in diapers and if I was more responsible then I wouldn't have to wear them. He said since I am not responsible enough then it means that I need diapers. I don't think this is fair and I think it is punishment but my mom and dad said it isn't really punishment.
Do you think it's fair to make a girl do diaper punishment just because she had an accident during her period?
Do you think it's something she deserved?
Should she be allowed to change or take off her own diaper?
Yes, anythime
Yes, but must ask first
No, not at any time.
How long should the diaper punishment last for ?
The rest of the day
For 2 days
Until her period is over with
Should she be allowed to wear pull ups instead like Goodnites?
No, just the diapers.
Should she have to go in her diapers even for peeing?
Yes, all the time.
Yes but only if she really has to
Yes because it's punishment
No, she can still go to the bathroom if she has to
This poll was created on 2014-12-13 20:23:29 by SarahJ15