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What gender are you?
What is your age?
Young adult (early 20's)
Have you ever?
Seen someone's pants fall down
Given a wedgie
Pantsed a guy
Pantsed a girl
Have any of these happened to you?
Pants fell down
Pantsed by a girl
Gotten a wedgie
Pantsed by a guy
If you saw someone's pants falling down what would you do?
Point it out to your friends
Get ready with a camera
Don't wait, pull them down yourself
Let Them Know (On the off chance they haven't figured it out yet)
That kid got his pants pulled down by and it was the thing ever
If a person was pantsed on the street you would
Take Pictures
Help Them
Laugh at them
Take their underwear for good measure
Is it going too far to pants someone in front of the entire school?
Yes, thats not funny anymore
No, its even funnier!
No, its still just a prank
If you got pantsed what happened?
Pants pulled down to ankles
Pants & underwear pulled off
Pants pulled down a little
Pants pulled off
Pants & underwear pulled down a little
Pants & underwear pulled down to ankles
If you pantsed someone, what did you do?
pants pulled down a little
Pants & underwear pulled down a little
Pants pulled down to ankles
Pants & underwear pulled down to ankles
Pants pulled off
Pants & underwear pulled off
Do Girls Pants people as much as guys
More than they do
Have you ever played strip poker
Have you ever played strip basektball
Have you ever lost a strip bet?
I got locked out with no pants on, my next door neighbor saw and mentioned it on the bus and in class the next day, my question is do you find it funny?
No way thats not cool
You don't wear pants that is a hazard
Yeah I would've told everyone too
Yeah, I might not have told everyone, but nothing wrong with it
I got locked out of my room completely naked for 40 seconds, which seemed like an hour, my sisters friend saw and laughed at me for days do you think that one is funny?
I would've taken a pic and showed it to everyone
haha sucks to be you
Not funny at all
When I was taking off my snowpants in school, I accidentally pulled down my pants too, only one person saw, but they laughed, luckily they kept it to themselves, what would you have done.
Laughed my A$$ off
Looked away
Drew attention to you
Taken your pants off
Told everyone about it later
Held your pants down until everyone in the hall saw
How embarrassing is being pantsed
If the pants come off very embarrassing
Very embarrassing no matter what
Horribly embarrassing
Just a little
Not that bad
Not at all
How embarrassing is being stripped?
Very embarrassing
Horribly embarrassing
Drop Dead Embarrassing
A Little Bit
Not that bad
Not at all
How embarrassing is getting a wedgie?
Very embarrassing
Horribly embarrassing
Mildly embarrassing
Not that bad
Not at all
If a Random person pantsed you, what would you do?
Pull their pants down
Pull their pants off
Pull down their pants & underwear
Strip them to just their underwear (no pants or shirt)
Strip them naked
Call the cops
Give them a wedgie
If you pantsed someone, and took their pants off, would you give them back?
Yes, after they've suffered for a while
Yes, right away
No, whats the point of taking them off if you're just going to give them back
I got a wedgie from my cousin, both sisters, brother and neighbor consecutively for a couple of minutes do you think it's funny?
Hell Yeah!
No wedgies are mean
My neighbor who gave me a wedgie actually came over and asked them if she could give me a wedgie and they said yes and held me there, would you have done that too?
Yes, as a nerd it is your place to get wedgied by non nerds
If you get pantsed, whats a worse reaction from the spectators?
Total Laughing and pointing
Shy Laughing
Taking pictures
Total silence
Laughing and mocking
Looking away, but laughing
Egging on the pantsers to take off more
Have you ever been stripped to your underwear at school? (NOT NAKED)
Have you ever stripped someone to their underwear at school?
Have you ever seen someone get stripped to their underwear at school?
Which is worse?
Being embarrassed in front of both genders
Being embarrassed in front of people from another country
Being embarrassed in front of only the same gender
Being embarrassed in front of people younger than you?
Being embarrassed in front of people older than you?
Being embarrassed in front of people your age
Being embarrassed in front of only the opposite sex
If you wanted to humiliate someone and you knew you wouldn't get in trouble for it, what would you do?
What is the meanest/ most humiliating/ funny thing you have seen happen to another person
If you beat someone at strip poker or strip basketball what happens next?
They stay naked for an hour or so
They stay naked for a few minutes, then get their clothes back
They stay naked, they go home naked
They get their clothes back right away
Do you think its funny when people get pantsed, stripped, or wedgied?
Yes, only pantsings
Yes, only wedgies
Yes, Only strippings
Yes, all of the above
Who is most likely to get pantsed?
A Nerdy/ Geeky Guy
A Goth Guy
A Kid who sags their pants
A Jock
A Guy that fits somewhere between a nerd & a jock
A Nerdy/ Geeky Girl
A Goth Girl
A Jock girl
A Cheerleader Girl
A Guy Cheerleader
A Girl that fits in somewhere between a jock & a nerd
Who is most likely to pants someone?
A Popular Kid
A Nerd
A Goth
A Cheerleader
A Jock
A Person that is somewhere in between jock & nerd
If you saw someone running home naked, trying to cover their nudity, what would you do?
If you played Truth or Dare with someone, and dared them to strip and go outside, would you lock them out, and hide their clothes?
Yes, Just for a little while
Yes, all day or night long
No, thats too mean
If you saw someone tied up, in the underwear what would you do?
Point & Laugh
Take A Picture
Laugh at them and keep walking
Help Them
If you someone trying to hide their public nudity what you be most likely to do?
Help Them
Take a Picture
Drag Them to a Populated Place
Draw Attention to them
Record It
Laugh At Them
Is Pantsing/ Stripping Common where you come from?
If you were going to pants someone, and they had b-ball shorts underneath what would you do?
Laugh anyways
Give Up they're too smart
Pull down the b-ball shorts
Pull down the shorts & their underwear
Remove all bottom articles of clothing
Strip them to just their underwear
Strip them naked
If you saw someone running home pantless what would be your most likely action?
Look Away
Strip them completely naked
Take their underwear too
Take their shirt too
Help Them
Record it, but keep it to myself and friends
Take a Pic
Laugh and Draw Attention to them
Record It and post it on the internet
Which of the Following Have Happened to You?
Towel falls off in front of someone
Pushed out of locker room half naked
Stripped naked
Tied to pole pantless
Clothes stolen from shower
Clothes stolen from locker room
Walked in on while in shower
Towel snatched off
Bikini Top taken off
Wet Willy
Purple Nurple
Locked out half naked
pants fall down
Pushed out of locker room pantless
Swim Trunks pulled off
skirt flies up/ gets pulled up
Walked in on toilet
Locked out naked
Bikini bottoms pulled down/ off
Swim Trunks fall down
Bikini bottoms fall down/ off
Tied to pole half naked
Locked out pantless
Swim Trunks fall off
Swim Trunks pulled down
Walked in on while changing
Tied to pole naked
Bikini Top falls off
Stripped to underwear
shirt pulled off
Pushed out of locker room naked
Which of the things in the question above have you done to someone else, or seen happen to someone else?
When I was in kindergarten I was stripped naked by 3 sixth grade girls and paraded around the playground naked, then taken into the school where teachers finally intervened...just in time for classes to let out and the hallway to be filled with people, how would you have reacted as K-6 grader seeing me naked trying to cover up and running for it?
Helped you cover up
Laughed My A$$ off at you
Grabbed you and held you there
Helped them humiliate you
Tied you to something naked
When I was in first grade my sisters pantsed me in front of the entire school during an assembly and stepped on my pants so I couldn't pull them up right away, when teachers started walking towards them they moved I pulled up my pants and went to a room off to the side Would you have laughed?, Mocked?, Looked away? If close enough would you have helped them embarrass me, or helped me? If so, what would you have done?
What Kind of underwear do you wear?
What is the most embarrassing thing you have had happen to you, done to someone else or seen happen to someone else?
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