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For my novel, can a female under 30 share her reactions to this scene?

Martin was 20 years old & a lovable 5'5 straight A geek, the only virgin of his friends & so meek that he would never remove his shirt at the beach, despite an okay body. He is lily-white all over since he's never, ever tanned. His best friend Ashley would tease him about having a "bubble butt" under his jeans, much to his dismay. He has a friendly rivalry with Brandon, an outgoing frat guy. They get into an argument, and Brandon suggests whoever gets a lower score on the next history test has to do whatever the winner says. Martin quickly accepts, with his 4.0 GPA & major in History. He is thrilled to see he got a 98, but Brandon got a 99! Brandon says "No big deal, Martin. You just have to run across the football field...NAKED." Martin is scared, but NEVER would welch on a bet due to his pride. You are Martin's good friend, and you're there when Brandon announces what Martin has to do.
What's your age, are you a geek or outgoing, and how do you feel once you hear Brandon say the word "naked"?
What are you thinking when Martin's eyes go wide and he gasps out loud?
Does Martin's virginity make this funnier or cuter to you? Why?
While you feel bad for Martin, does a part of you wonder what he looks like naked out here? Which part do you imagine while he's running?
You think Martin is great, but does that fact that he is always bragging about his intelligence make you smirk about his upcoming nakedness? Why?
This poll was created on 2014-12-13 02:17:45 by Monica141414