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Should I submit to my husband and let him punish me?

My husband and I have been married a long time. We've experimented with spanking and bondage, and I'm OK with the bondage but don't like pain. I think my husband is disappointed with me, and I'm afraid that I need to do something to keep him happy. He can already have sex with me whenever he wants, but he still sticks to the old schedule, mostly. What should I do to make him happy?
Should I tell my husband he can punish me if I displease him? I already did once, but he never really did it. I know he's annoyed by the way I do chores sometimes, but he doesn't say anything. Sometimes I'm lazy, but I really don't do it to annoy him.
Yes, you should find a time to tell him that he can punish you
Yes, you should give him a note that tells him he can punish you
Maybe, you should talk to him and see why he didn't punish you before
No, you should talk to him about what annoys him and work on being a better wife
No, men are stinky and violent and you don't want to give him any power over you
If I decide to tell him that he can punish me, should I limit how he can punish me? He has sometimes tried to push my limits, but for the most part he knows how far he can go with me.
No, you've been married a long time and should relax and trust him
Yes, you can't trust him no longer how long you've been married
If I limit how he can punish me, what should I tell him he can do to me? I want him to enjoy punishing me, so I'm going to list some things that he likes, but like I said I really hate pain so I'm also going to say what I don't like.
He can spank me on the butt with his hand (OK with me). Should I limit the number of times? If so, how many?
He can spank me on the butt with a belt or flogger (not my preference). Should I limit the number of times? If so, how many?
He can cane my butt (I really don't like this but he does). Should I limit it? If so, how?
He can put something in my anus. I really hesitated to put this option in, because sex shouldn't be punishment, but my friend suggested it. If so, what should he put in me?
He can slap my boobs. If so, should I limit how hard or how many times?
He can slap my vulva. If so, should I limit how hard or how many times?
He can punch my boobs. I really don't like this, but at least it's quiet and doesn't wake the kids. If so, should I limit how hard or how many times?
He can slap my face. I've never let him do this, but he has asked if he can. I'd have to limit it, if you vote for it at all.
He can write humiliating things on my body. What should he write?
He can put me in bondage while I redo my chores. How should he restrain me?
He can tell me how to dress when I redo my chores. I'll get into this question some more later.
I should submit to whatever punishment he chooses, no matter what it is or how I feel about it
I know he likes to see me dressed a certain way, although I don't think I'm attractive. Is this a good punishment, to let him tell me how to dress?
Yes, he should restrict your clothing when you misbehave
No, that's too personal
If I let him tell me how to dress, should I limit when and how he does so?
No, he's in charge of your punishment
Yes, it should only be when you've agreed to let him (when?)
Yes, it should only be where you've agreed to let him (where?)
Yes, it should only be in ways that you've agreed to (how should I let him tell me how to dress?)
No, but only when you're alone together.
You shouldn't let him control how you dress
Should we write down the rules I have to follow?
Yes, you should negotiate them
Yes, he should decide on your rules
No, he should just decide when to punish you
No, you shouldn't have to follow his rules
Yes, you should tell him what rules you're willing to follow
No, you should talk about them but not write them down
If he wants to humiliate me as punishment, should I agree to that? If so, what kinds of humiliation are OK?
No, that cuts too close to the bone
Yes, you should negotiate what he can do to humiliate you (what?)
Yes, he should humiliate you in any way he wants
Yes, he should tell you now how he'll humiliate you for punishment but you should have a veto over anything that would hurt you psychologically
What kinds of things should my husband be able to punish me for?
Just because
Not having a submissive attitude
Poor hygiene
Poor attention to chores
Not greeting him at the door when he comes home
Not letting him have anal sex with me
Not giving him a good blowjob
Not offering my body for bondage
Not asking him to do whatever he wants to me
Not begging him for sex
Not asking if I can lick his ass (I have never done this and don't want to, but he wants me to)
Not asking if he'll piss on me (he has done this but not lately and I think he's waiting for me to offer it)
Not offering to let him have anal sex with me (I don't like this because it hurts, due to his large size, but I know he wants it)
Other (what?)
What do you think I should do? My husband likes to hurt me, but I don't like to be hurt. My husband likes to humiliate me, but I don't like humiliation. My husband is unhappy with how I do things, and I want to please him--but how?
Please state your gender
What is your age?
Under 18
over 60
Does someone have the right to punish you?
Yes (how?)
No, but I wish that someone did (how?)
No, and I would never let someone punish me
No, but I used to have someone who did (how?)
If the genders were reversed, do you think that I should let myself be punished?
Yes, it's all about your relationship
No, no one should be punished
No, men shouldn't be punished by women
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