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Worst Person of the Year 2014

It's that time of year again. TIME Magazine's staff has begun to deliberate on who should be named Person of the Year and boy, did they nominate some clunkers! While they managed to find some legit nominees, some of the most hated and outright worst people are on this list. Choose which one should get the booby prize.

Who should receive the award for Worst Person of the Year?

20% (1) Bashar al-Assad (for committing war crimes and crimes against humanity in Syria)
60% (3) Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi (for committing crimes against humanity in the Middle East)
0% (0) Mary Barra (for running a company that sells vehicles with life-threatening defects)
0% (0) Ted Cruz (for holding back progress in the Senate)
0% (0) Roger Goodell (for his poor handling of domestic violence cases in the National Football League)
0% (0) Travis Kalanick (for running a company with illegal taxicab operations)
0% (0) Kim Kardashian (for showing too much of herself online)
20% (1) Charles and David Koch (for spending loads of money to spread lies and buy out Senate seats for people who would rather screw their constituents than help them)
0% (0) Mitch McConnell (for holding back progress in the Senate and planning to ram through legislation that would threaten people's lives)
0% (0) Rand Paul (for holding back progress in the Senate)
0% (0) Rick Perry (for abusing his power as Governor of Texas)
0% (0) Vladimir Putin (for hosting an Olympics in an inhospitable atmosphere and infringing another nation's sovereignty)
0% (0) Kanye West (for ruining his career by marrying into a terrible family)

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This poll was created on 2014-11-20 05:08:32 by Michael LaPlace
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