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The Ultimate Girl Poll (FOR GUYS ONLY)

What would your ideal girl be like? What do you like or not like in girls?
(If you're a girl please just go check the results, but do not cast votes) Your age?
12 or under
Best hair color for a girl?
No preference
dark brown
light brown
dirty blonde
bleached blonde
natural red
dyed red
other unnatural color
Best eye color?
No preference
Anything as long as they're pretty
dark brown
gold brown
dark blue
light blue
Best skin tone?
No preference
Anything as long as it looks good and natural on her.
dark sun-tanned
light sun-tanned
fair/slightly pale
Do freckles matter?
Not at all
Yes, I don't like any
A few are okay
I like freckles on girls
Girls' height?
5' 0" or shorter
5' 1" to 5' 3"
5' 4" to 5' 6"
5' 7" to 5' 9"
5' 10" or taller
Texture of her hair?
No preference
Once again, anything that is her natural hair
flat-ironed straight
slightly wavy
curled with a curling iron
naturally wavy
naturally coarse/tiny curls
As this is a touchy subject for most girls, please answer honestly. How important is chest size to you?
No preference
not particularly important, as long as it suits her and she wears it confidently
I like smaller-chested girls
I like average size
I like big-chested girls
Again, touchy subject. Her weight?
No preference.
Anything as long as she is happy and not obese or really overweight.
I like really skinny girls
I like slender girls
I like average girls
I like bigger girls
I like really big girls
Answer how you honestly feel, not what you think is considered "fashionable" or "cool" currently, please. How should a girl dress?
Honestly does not matter.
Whatever suits her personality I'm sure I will like
She should dress revealing, and very trendy
I don't mind the occasional mini skirt or crop top
She should dress in baggy t-shirts and shorts or jeans
Her clothes should be "tight enough to show she's a woman, but loose enough to show she's a lady"
How do you feel about bikinis?
No preference
I think it's weird when girls wear anything else for swimming
I think only girls with good bodies should wear them
Girls should wear whatever they feel comfortable in
Girls shouldn't wear bikinis, because they can make a girl viewed as an object by guys
I like one pieces or tankinis just as much
How intelligent should she be? (Not necessarily school-smart, but how intelligent in all areas of her life)
Extremely smart
Very smart
Below average
Pretty dumb
No preference
I judge only by looks, not intelligence
As long as she isn't stupid, I don't care
How athletic?
Doesn't matter
She shouldn't play sports
She shouldn't play sports but still be in good shape
She should play a few sports
She should be good at all sports
On a scale of 1-10, what is the lowest number girl you would date? (Don't be conceited)
Do you like easy girls, girls who play hard-to-get, or girls who really are hard to get?
I love it when girls fall all over me
I like it when they play hard-to-get
I want a girl that is worth having, not just any chick off the street
This was a lot longer than I expected, so sorry for that, but thanks for taking this poll! It will really help me!
No problem, I was bored anyways
You're welcome, even though I didn't answer all the questions
No problem, I enjoyed it
Eh, It was boring but I still did it
This poll was created on 2014-11-16 20:24:41 by Missy_Poll