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Will a modest, shy female please give her REAL feelings to help me write a geek?

Alice was 19 years old & a 5'1 freshman history geek, the only virgin of her friends & so meek that she wouldn't even wear a 2-piece suit at the beach despite a decent body. Her best friends would tease her about having a "bubble butt" under her jeans, much to her dismay, as well as her C-cup boobs that she would hide under sweaters. She has a friendly rivalry with Brittany, a much more outgoing, popular girl. They get into an argument, and Brittany suggests whoever gets a lower score on the next history test has to do whatever the winner says. Alice quickly accepts, with her 4.0 GPA. She is overjoyed to see she got a 98, but Brittany got a 99! Brittany says no big deal, Alice just has to run across the football field at 2 am...NAKED. Alice is scared, but NEVER would welch on a bet because of her pride.
What is your age, are you a geek, & how close are you to Alice's emotional & physical description?
How would you react once you heard Brittany say the word "naked"?
When you imagined yourself in this predicament while sitting at your computer, did you blush at all? Or subconsciously cover your breasts even though you are currently clothed when you heard the word "Naked"?
What could you imagine Brittany saying to you about the bet that makes you blush?
How embarrassed would you be during the run & why? Do you cover?
And how can you imagine feeling as you get back to find ALL your clothes missing, and realize you have to sprint back to your dorm in the nude?
This poll was created on 2014-11-03 15:28:04 by Monica141414