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Do you have to wear a diaper when you go on vacation?

Are you a girl or a boy?
How old are you?
Do you have day time accidents wetting your pants?
How many day time accidents do you have?
A few times a week
Once a week
A few times a month
Once a month
Do you wet the bed?
Do you already diapers or pull ups to bed at home?
How bad are your day time accidents?
Just a little bit
More than a little but not too much
Underwear gets wet but not much else
A like, like everything gets wet
Do your parents get mad when you have a day time accident?
When you go on vacation, do you wear a diaper all day too?
Do you have a choice to wear them?
No, my parents make me
Yes, it is my choice
I'm asked to wear them but it's up to me if I do or not
If you don't wear them everyday now, do you mind wearing them on vacation?
No, I'm used to it
No but I'd rather not have to wear it
Yes, I don't like it at all
Yes but I don't have a choice
What do you have to wear?
A Pull Up, like Huggies.
A disposable diaper
A cloth diaper
Do your parents let you use the bathroom still?
Yes but I can use my diaper or pull up if I want to
Yes but only if we are already stopped at one
No, I have to go in my diaper or pull ups
Are you allowed to take your diaper or pull ups off at all?
Yes but I have to ask first
No, not until I need a change
How long are you allowed to take them off for?
Just long enough to change
For 1 hour
For 2 hours
Do you get checked to make sure you are wearing your diaper or pull ups?
Yes, but just once a day
Yes but every time I go to change it
No, not at all, they believe me when I say I'm wearing it
How do they know you are wearing it when they ask or check you?
I have to show them the top of it
I have to pull my pants or bottoms down a little
I have to pull my pants or bottoms down all the way
They feel for it through my bottoms
Do they ever check you still to see if you went in your diaper or pull up?
Yes but not a lot
Yes all the time
No, they just ask me
No, they trust me to tell them when I'm wet.
If you have to wear a diaper or pull ups all day, do you think you pee in them more because you are wearing them?
If you said yes, it is because this?
It's hard to not go in them
It's harder to go in the bathroom because I'm wearing them
It's embarrassing to go in the public bathrooms so I go in my diaper or pull ups
I have less chances to use a bathroom so I have to go in my diaper or pull ups.
If you go in them on purpose, do your parents get mad at you?
No, they made me wear them so I can use them if I want to.
No, they don't care.
Yes, they are for accidents only.
Do wearing diapers on vacation embarrass you?
No, I'm used to it now.
Yes, they do a little
Yes, they do a lot
What is so embarrassing to you about them?
They are hard to hide under my clothes
I don't want anyone else knowing I'm wearing them
I feel like I'm being treated like a baby or a toddler
I don't feel like I'm potty trained when I have to wear them all day
I don't like that sometimes I have to pee in them on purpose.
Do you think it's uncomfortable wearing a diaper or pull up all day if you don't do it at home?
What is uncomfortable about it?
They feel too big
They feel bulky and stuffy
They get too warm and hot
I sweat too much in them
My skin feels itchy inside them
They cover up too much of my waist
There is too much padding in them
They rub between my legs in the crotch and I don't like that
I don't like it when I go in them and they get all squishy.
Do you dress to hide them under your clothes?
Yes, all the time
Yes, sometimes
No I don't care
Whats you biggest worry about wearing them under your clothes?
They are hard to hide
The bulge out too much in the back, they make my butt look huge
They bulge out in the front too much, they make me look like a boy.
The waist band sticks out of the top of my bottoms
That they'll get bigger when I go pee in them
This poll was created on 2014-11-03 12:44:24 by KiaraC