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For guys - sports, post-piss drips, bullying and other

All males can fill this, but it you are over 30, please remember the time when you were between 10-30 and tell about your habits during those decades. If you are/were incontinent at that time, please don't fill the piss questions.
How often do you work out your upper body and legs?
Mostly daily.
1-5 times per week.
Sometimes in every month.
Rarely or never.
Which do you do at least once every week?
Ball games.
Water sports.
Martial arts.
Bike / skating.
Are you less or more muscular than most guys of your age?
I'm much more muscular.
I'm a bit more muscular.
I'm average.
I'm less muscular.
Are you less or more afraid of dangerous things than most men?
I'm a real daredevil.
I don't take care of myself enough.
I'm average, I don't do crazy things but I'm not shy.
I'm rather shy.
I avoid anything dangerous much more than others.
How often do you piss with mates or other men next to you?
Almost every day, I use the urinal.
At least 1-3 times every week.
Rarely, I often use the stall.
Never, I always use the stall.
How do you usually finish pissing in the urinal with others next to you? Choose the 1-3 most common ways for you! (if you always use the stall, add what you do there).
I wipe my penis with TP or tissues.
I shake it really well.
2-3 shakes only, even it it stays a bit wet.
I wait 1-3 seconds without shaking.
I put it away quickly when the piss stops.
I put it back before 1-2 last spurts run in my underpants.
The end of the jet squirts all over my underpants.
Some say "If you shake it more than twice you're playing with it." ("two shakes rule") What do you think?
This is just a joke, you can shake anytime you want.
It's a joke, but you shouldn't shake too much.
It's true, 2-3 shakes and never more.
It's true, you had better not shake at all.
If all men around you finished pissing very fast, without shaking, and there would be a "zero shakes rule", would you follow it?
No, I wouldn't care what they say.
I would stop shaking and try to get used to the wetness I dislike.
I would stop shaking easily, it's not so important for me.
I often don't shake it, so it won't make a difference.
Real men don't shake, they just put it back quickly.
If all men around you wiped his penis after pissing with TP, would you do the same?
Nooo way.
No, I wouldn't let them make me a sissy.
Yes, I often wipe, so it won't make a difference.
I'd start wiping, but only for not being odd.
I'd start wiping, I could avoid the dribbles I hate.
Have you ever changed your usual habits? How old were you and why did you change?
I started shaking, earlier I just put it back fast. My age was / I did it because:
I started wiping, earlier I just put it back fast. My age was / I did it because:
I started wiping, earlier I just shook it. My age was / I did it because:
I stopped wiping and turned to shaking. My age was / I did it because:
I stopped shaking and turned to leaving it wet. My age was / I did it because:
I stopped wiping and shaking and became faster. My age was / I did it because:
Is it easy to get used to the damp feeling inside the underpants?
Yes, I got used to it easily when I became faster.
No, I needed more than a month after I'd become faster.
No, it stays uncomfortable, but I can live with it.
I've always had it in my life, it never was a problem for me.
I've always liked the chill spot after pissing as far as I can remember.
First it was annoying, but now I really like it.
Those who can't get used to it, have problems with their masculinity.
Some men likes the drops, some hates them. Should they piss in a different way?
No, all men should shake it dry.
Yes, you can wipe it if you want.
A man should never wipe, not even if he hates the last drop.
Yes, you can shake it a lot, or you can just leave it wet.
You can choose 2 shakes or no shakes.
All men should put it back very fast without shaking.
Men should get used to a bit wetness.
Some facts about you:
My age:
My country:
My star sign:
My favourite sport:
My sexual orientation:
My serving time in the army:
My political view or religion:
What do you think about anti-bullying programs for schools?
I agree with them, I have been bullied in school.
Bullying is a serious problem, so we have to do something against it.
They can reduce the number of teen suicides.
These programs could be important, but they don't work.
Students should learn how to protect themselves instead of these programs.
Have you ever talked with guys of your age about the last bit of piss? Did you make each other finish it faster or be more careful? Did they comment dirty underpants?
Imagine that one of your mates in your gym class wipes his penis for 20 seconds after every piss. He asks you for a tissue. What do you tell him? Should he change his habit?
Imagine that your gym class mates go crazy in the locker and make a piss stained undies contest, the dirtiest wins. How would an average and the dirtiest pair look like? Where would you stand? Cleaner or dirtier than the average? Could you win?
Do you piss slower or faster than most of your mates?
I'm slower, they finish it so fast.
I'm average, we usually shake it well.
I'm average, they also don't shake it just finish fast.
I'm a bit faster, some of them shake it a lot.
I'm much faster, I put it back way too soon.
Choose all options which happen to you at least once per week!
My mates next to me don't shake and zip up very fast.
I feel like I'm the only guy who finds the chilled stain annoying.
I don't understand how can others finish so fast and bear the wetness.
I start pissing so fast that it wets my underpants before I pull it out.
Others can see me in yellow or wet piss stained underpants.
I can see a mate or more in yellow or wet piss stained underpants.
More than the half of my mates have piss stained uw in the locker or dorm etc.
I piss wearing only underpants and leave a long stain on it.
There are less clean areas on the front of my underpants than stained ones.
Where do you used to have piss stains on your underpants?
Briefs - middle.
Briefs - left side.
Boxer briefs - middle.
Boxer briefs - left side, left leg.
Boxers - around the fly.
Boxers - left side, left leg.
Right side.
Waistband, upper front.
All over the front, from the waistband to the legs in long lines.
I also cum in my underpants.
I don't cum in it, but I don't wipe my dick after I cum so it stays wet.
If you ever finish without shaking (no matter if once in your life or always): why?
I'm impatient to wait for the last drops.
I don't care if it stays wet.
I feel like it'd be instinctive to put it back too soon.
I don't waste my time with shaking.
It's just manly to leave a bit in the underpants.
I don't want to be slower than my mates.
Just to enjoy the wind chill effect in my underwear.
My mates told me to give up shaking.
I like to show in stained underpants.
I'm too macho/alpha to bother.
Just to get used to the wetness, to be able to forget about it just like others do.
Do you think that men...
...have to be strong and tough.
...just torture themselves with stupid gender roles.
...have to bear pain and shouldn't cry.
...just cause wars and violence with proving their manliness.
...like adventures and discovering their limits.
...are all different and shouldn't tell each other how to be a real man.
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