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Did you have to leave naked?

Based on a recent fantasy of mine, I want to know if anyone has had to leave someplace naked. I'm particularly interested in girls who have had to leave their clothes behind, but men are allowed to vote too.
Male or female?
How old are you now?
17 or under.
18 to 25.
26 to 30.
31 to 35.
36 to 40.
41 to 45.
46 or older.
How old were you when it happened?
17 or under.
18 to 25.
26 to 30.
31 to 35.
36 to 40.
41 to 45.
46 or older.
Where were you when it happened? I've thought of as many possibilities as I can, but there's a blank for "other" if I've missed anything.
A friend's house.
A neighbor's house?
An enemy's house? Why were you there?
The park/forest.
A family member's house?
School or gym locker room?
Somewhere else? Where?
Who made you strip?
Same sex as me (male).
Same sex as me (female).
Opposite sex as me (male).
Opposite sex as me (female).
Mixed male and female.
How many of them were there?
Just one other person.
Two to three others.
Four to six others.
Seven or more.
Why did you get naked? What was the situation?
We had sex, they didn't let me get dressed afterwards.
A game of truth or dare, or lost a bet.
It was a wild party and I got naked (no sex, alcohol may have been involved).
They forced me to strip/they forcibly stripped me.
Optional question: What did they say to let you know you had to leave naked?
What were you wearing when you left?
Bra and panties.
Boxers or briefs.
I was topless, wore pants or dress/skirt.
I was bottomless, wore a shirt.
Just socks and shoes, or sandals.
Just socks.
Nothing, completely naked.
Was it cold outside? Hot outside?
It was freezing!
It was a little chilly.
It was about average.
It was a little warm.
It was surprisingly hot!
Did anyone see you?
No one, I managed to walk/run all the way and not get caught.
No one, but I had to hide a few times.
A passing car or two.
Some people walking around.
A lot of people saw!
How did you feel?
It was fun, I was even laughing at times.
A bit shy, but still enjoying the experience.
I felt neutral. Eh, naked. Whatever.
I was embarrassed.
I was humiliated!
I cried the whole time until I made it home.
How did you get back inside once you got home?
They let me keep my keys.
I had left the door unlocked.
A family member had to let me in. How did they react?
A friend or roommate had to let me in. How did they react?
I had to break in to my own house!
Optional question: anything you want to add?
This poll was created on 2014-10-31 02:10:40 by LexiDom