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Your opinion on guys overall package (honest girls please)

I have a nice overall package that I'm quite proud of! I have bigger than average balls and an average but very nice penis. I am interested in what women think of not just my own package but men's packages in general.
How old are you?
Under 16
Your status
Very single
Single, but have regular partners
Have a partner
Which best describes your partner/ most recent partner's package?
Small package all round
Small penis but large balls
Average penis but he had smaller balls
Average all round
Average penis but huge balls!
Large penis with small balls
Large penis with average balls
Everything was big!
Which of these selections describe how you felt about his package? Please select more than one answer.
His penis looked too small to excite me!
His penis looked ok
His penis looked amazing!
His penis did not satisfy me.
His penis felt fine for me
His penis gave me great pleasure!
His small balls were very unexciting.
His balls were nice and average.
I like big balls and his weren't enough!
I loved his huge manly balls!
I hated his huge ugly balls!
They feel amazing smacking against me in bed!
I didn't really notice his package at all
I didn't think about his balls at all
If you could improve your partner / last partners package, what would you do? (You may pick more than one)
Give him a longer penis!
Give him a much thicker penis!
Take an inch or so off that length! (It was uncomfortable!)
Maybe make him not so thick! (It hurt!)
Give him bigger balls for me to play with!
His balls were too big! I'd shrink them!
I would not change a thing! I loved his package!
If you changed anything, why did you change it? What was wrong with his package and what makes you want the new package? If you did not change anything, what is it you love about your mans package and why would you not want to improve it?
If a guy larger than average balls(lets say larger than large chicken eggs), how much would you notice them? What would you think of them?
I wouldn't even notice!
I wouldn't think anything of them.
I think big heavy balls would be distracting and a turn off.
I think big manly balls look good and would be a turn on!
If a guy has an average sized circumsized penis, what would you think?
I only like big boys, not for me!
Average is average, that's fine by me!
I like average! It's a nice fit!
I prefer smaller ones, they're more comfortable!
From my vague description, do you like anything about my package? Could it be better? ( Only answer this if you want to)
This poll was created on 2014-10-29 10:56:57 by jbluej