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Run a crime ring

This poll talks about how you would run a crime ring if you were in charge. Will your group succeed or fail. Will you live or die. Sorry it's son long.
What's your gender?
What kind of crime ring would you run?
Biker gang
Street gang
Drug cartel
Assassin group
Bank robbing team
Burglar group(houses, business)
Con artist group
Kidnapping ring
Slavery ring
Contraband weapons selling group
Terrorist group
How big would your group be?
Small only a dozen or so members
Medium a couple dozen to a few hundred members
Large thousands of members
No group just me
Why would you run this group?
Only thing I know
It pays well
It's fun
No reason
Society screwed me over and now I'm getting revenge
I believe what I'm doing is right
How much money do you make?
500-1000 dollars per month
2000-5000 dollars per month
6000-12000 dollars per month
13000-20000 dollars per month
More than i can keep track of
I'm not in it for profit
How does your group govern themselves?
Democracy we all pitch in to help make decisions
Dictatorship I make all the decisions and they all deal with it
Anarchy everybody for themselves
I am alone so i make all the decisions
If you ran a biker gang what kind of things would your gang do to get their money or for their own enjoyment?(only if you run a biker gang)
If you ran a stret gang what kind of things would your gang do to get their money or for their own enjoyment?(only if you run a street gang)
If you ran a drug cartel what kind of drugs would you sell and for how much?(only if you run a drug cartel)
If you ran an assassin group what kind of methods would be used to kill the victims, who would your group kill and not kill how, much would you charge?(only if you run an assassin group)
If you ran a bank robbing team would they kill the witnesses, would they restrain them, would they take hostages, how much of the cut would each member get?(only if you run a bank robbing team)
If you ran a burglar group what kind of things would they take, where would they sell them, what would they do to the occupants of the house/business, how would they get into the buildings?(only if you run a burglar group)
If you ran a a con artist group what kind of cons would you run, who would you con, would you run small cons or big cons,, what would you do if you got caught in one of your cons?(only if you run a con artist group)
If you ran a kidnapping ring who would you kidnap males or females, would you ransom the victims, where would you keep them, how would you prevent them from escaping, would you ever free them, how would you kidnap them, what kind of people would you kidnap rich, poor, middle class?(only if you run a kidnapping ring)
If you ran a slavery ring who would be slaves, how would slave be treated, what would slaves wear, would you sell the slaves, where would you keep the slaves, how much would you charge per slave?(only if you run a slavery ring)
If you ran a contraband weapons selling group what weapons would you sell, how much would they cost, where would you keep them, who would you sell them to?(only if you run a contraband weapons selling group)
If you ran a terrorist group who would you go after why, would you try and convert people to your way of thinking, would you publicly execute people to make a point, would you align yourself with another terrorist group?(only if you run a terrorist group)
would you ever get caught or killed or would you remain alive running your crime ring until you died of something other than by the police?
I would be shot and killed
I would be arrested
I would never be caught or killed
Would I be a part of your crime ring and if so what position would I hold?
You would hold a high position in my group/gang
You would hold a low position in my group/gang
You would be the lead detective trying to bring down my group/gang
You would be a captive/hostage
You would be a slave
You would not be a part of it
If you got caught how long would you go to prison for, what level of security would you be in, would you get visitation rights?
If you got killed how many people would come to your funeral, would someone else run your group/gang or would it crumble?
If you never get caught or killed what do you do for the rest of your life?
Would your group/gang fail or succeed?
did you enjoy the poll?
A little
Will you message me about the poll?
This poll was created on 2014-10-25 01:39:21 by CaptivityLover