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Asking Her Out- What is Appropriate?

I've seen a girl that I am interested in. I can only see her when she is at work (I do not work in the same place), and only as a customer. I want to know a way to approach her that is tasteful and workplace acceptable. And for the girls taking this poll, if you could share a story of a good way for me to approach this girl from your own experience, that would be great! I am a 26 year old male, very shy around the opposite sex, and have not had much in the way of dating experience. Our eyes met a couple times during the course of my transaction. She was polite and friendly. When I moved behind her to get my bags, she glanced at me over her shoulder, made eye contact for a solid 1-2 seconds and smiled. I'm bad at reading signs, but it looked like she was checking me out, at least, and seemed interested. Thank you for your help!
Is it appropriate to approach someone at their workplace to ask them out?
Yes, as long as it is done without disrupting others
No, she is at work and that is not the place to be asking her out
It depends on the situation (Please explain in comments)
How long should I wait to ask her out?
Don't wait- dive right in and ask
Be a customer of hers at least 2-3 times, then ask her out
Be a customer of hers for a while and talk casually before asking her out
Wait for a slow day when there aren't other customers or employees around and ask her out
Sign the receipt and put my phone number on it, and hope she calls
How should I ask her out?
Say "Hello", and ask her straight out
Make a goofy comment, see if she chuckles, then ask her out
Sign the receipt and put my phone number on it, and hope she calls/texts
Be formal. Example: "I've seen you a few times now, and you're always so nice. Could we meet up for coffee sometime?"
Is there a way to wait until her shift is over and approach her without it being creepy and stalker-like?
Yes, but be sure you are in an area where others can see you, so she doesn't feel threatened
Yes, but make sure you're alone with her
No, it's creepy no matter how you slice it
This poll was created on 2014-10-20 17:39:38 by Pollsfan2