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Do Americans hate Great Britain or is it just Obama?

This is totally different to any of my other polls but it is something I need to know. As I represent the British 'Right wing' and yet I am so far to the extreme 'Loony left' of the American political opinion I assumed if Britain had any friends in America then they would be Democrats. Obama and his party have thrown so many snubs and insults at us in the name of what is 'Best for the US' and then basically say that the only Americans who don't agree with them are the Fanatical Right wing 'Republican Hawks', who are always my opposition in every debate. Does this mean that all Americans either hate the British or have no respect for the UK.? I always believed the US and UK had a special relationship but Obama however says that we don't.
Where are you from?
Somewhere else.
President Obama called France America's oldest and closest Ally. I assume that is because the French Navy helped win the American war of independence. However, how do you feel about Obama's opinion that the French are Americas Greatest ally which is what he personally told the President of France.
Obama was right! I love France. Great Britain is waste of space!
It is well know Obama's Grandfather was anti British so he is obviously going to 'Butter up' Every country America is not currently at war with, EXCEPT for Britain.
Obama is just full of BS! He is a political trash talker who is going to run America into the ground, but I don't give a shit about Britain though.
Obama just trash talks rubbish like every other lying politician on Earth. The United Kingdom is The United states closest ally and everyone knows it.
"Erm?? The French helped win the American war of independence? Really? I thought we won that war on our own? Erm.... by the way who were we fighting against?"
When the British Royal Navy developed angled flight decks and steam catapult technology they were not given enough funding to make the best use of them so instead they gave the inventions to the US Navy who did. American Aircraft carriers are now THE BEST IN THE ENTIRE WORLD! The United States Navy's closest ally is:-
France. (erm did they give us something?)
Any other country.
The American P51 Mustang was the BEST ESCORT FIGHTER OF WWII thanks to its British built Rolls Royce Merlin engine. The United States Air force's closest Ally is:-
France. (erm didn't they give us something?)
Any other country.
The M1A2 Abrams is the best 'all rounder' MBT in the world thanks to its virtually impregnable British designed CHOBHAM armour. The US Army's closest ally is:-
France. (I'm sure they gave us something)
Any other country.
The United States Marine Corp have the Best FIRE SUPORT AIRCRAFT in the entire world thanks to their British designed Harrier jump jets. The US Marine corps closest ally is:-
France. The French Definately gave us something!
Any other country.
The USAF were going to bomb Libya but their own bases were all much too far away. The French would not let the USAF use French bases and told the USA to stay outside French airspace so the American planes had to take off from Britain and fly the long way round. Who did america the biggest favour?
France of course! The USAF pilots needed the extra flying practice.
Spain. (more flying practice)
Libya. By giving American pilots targets for them to practice their bombing skills on.
Any other country.
In the 1991 Gulf war the UK sent the 2nd largest coalition contingent after the US. In the 2003 Gulf war it was known as the Anglo-American Coalition because they were the only 2 contingents. Which country was the US Presidents biggest supporter during the Persian Gulf crisis?
France of course. They supported our actions then let us get on with taking out Saddam Hussein. The British just got in our way. Its not surprising they kept getting themselves killed. (Actually I am not making this up. In 1991 the US killed more British servicemen than the entire Iraqi army did- Dazo)
Any other country.
In all the fighting that went on BEFORE December 7th 1941 in WWII, Hitler had defeated every country he fought, except for Britain. He lost the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Battles for Narvic, The Battle of the river plate and the Battle of Britain. Vichy France chose to stop fighting and collaborate with THE GERMANS! The Vichy French Navy refused to join the Royal Navy in its fight against the Nazi's so the Royal Navy defeated the Vichy Navy at the Battle of Mers-el-Kabir. Which country was America's closest Ally in the fight against Hitler and the Nazi's?
France of course. Vichy Collaborators were not true Frenchmen. The free French forces and the French resistance were the bravest fighters during WWII. All Hail Charles De' Gaul. He was the real hero of the Second World War!
Any other Allied country.
Britain gave the US a gift of a bust of Winston Churchill in recognition of our Anglo-American Alliance but Obama had it sent back because he didn't want it! He also said the UK should not expect preferential treatment over all of Americas other allies. Obama then wanted to show how much he supported all of his allies in Latin America and the middle east.
The United Kingdom is of absolutely no significance any more and British people should stop acting as if it is.
Obama dosen't like the British and neither do I.
Obama should show a lot more respect to the UK instead of wasting time trying to curry favour with other countries. UK have fought alongside US forces as Allies more than any other country.
I don't really hate the British but Obama can insult the UK as often as he likes, I don't care. Its not like America and Britain are ever going to go to war. America is the Greatest country on Earth anyway so get over it, just suck it up you limey wusses!
Its true. Most Americans don't have much respect for Britain any more and most Americans couldn't point to the British Isles on a map anyway because they don't even know where it is!
I like Britain and the British people. Americans should have more respect for Britain.
Obama does not represent the true opinion of the American people. Most Americans Love the British.
UK has always supported the US on its War against terror and in opposing aggressive Countries but is often frustrated (just like I am by the way-Dazo) by the British governments habit of always saying "Wait a minute can we talk about this!" just as the US is about to declare War!
The British Government is run by a bunch of Wuss-pussies!
The British Government are always wasting time looking for a peaceful solution even when it is painfully obvious to everyone else that their isn't one!
The British way of stalling for time by negotiating is better than the US way of doing things which is taking out all threats ASAP, because the British way gives people more time to find a peaceful solution.
The British Government should just stop procrastinating by negotiating and start copying the American way of doing things which is simply bombing EVERYONE immediately the instant they start threatening us.
National boundaries were redrawn over 100 years ago when it was decided that Nationality not Geographic location determines what country your people are in. In the TV program Family Ties the father Michael Gross told his daughters "NO English muffins while the British are still in Northern Ireland!" the 2 daughters then APOLOGIZED for hurting people by buying muffins from England! Do ANY Americans actually believe that there is an English occupation of Northern Ireland?
Er..... Yes! Isn't there?
Of course not. It was a comedy TV show and the family were members of the loony left. (ie they were pacifists supporting terrorists) Everyone in America Knows that the people who live in Norther Ireland are British because they are British and want to remain British.
The Falkland Islands referendum asked the native inhabitants (who's ancestors have lived there since the 17th century, which is longer than any american country has existed) what Nationality they want to be. All 3000 people said British. The only opposition coming from 6 confused penguins and a troll. Argentina believe the Falklands belong exclusively to them apparently because SPAIN said so and they will not accept anything less than complete sovereignty over the Islands. Obama then shows up referring to the Falklands as "The Maldives?" (I don't know why, the mind boggles-Dazo) and then insists that Britain opens negotiations and settles the matter or UN sanctions will be imposed on Britain. Which is effectively an Ultimatum that says "Hand them over or ELSE!" What do other Americans think?
Yes Obama is right. Great Britain must make sure that The Maldives islands are handed over to Argentina Immediately.
Obama has not gone far enough against British aggression. The US should Invade the Maldives immediately to prove to the British that he is not bluffing!
The true and proper name for the Islands in the South Atlantic is the Falkland Islands not the Maldives and the Falklands are and should always be British as long as the Islanders want to be British!
Should Barack 'bungle brain' Obama make more demands of the British Commonwealth? If so what else should Britain hand over?
The Maldives?
Bermuda? Well we want to get rid of that pesky triangle.
The Isle of White?
Hawaii? No wait? Does that belongs to the US?
Hand Jersey, Guernsey and Alderney over to France. France is the USA's closest ally and the French need more cows!
Britain should hand over all of the above and lots of others things as well!
Obama should just do the right thing and state that he is in favour of democracy not hypocrisy and come out in support of his British allies.
Obama was attempting to curry favour with Argentina by calling the South Atlantic Islands the name that Argentina calls them, so he referred to the South Atlantic Islands as the Maldives. Did anyone actually know that the Maldives that Obama told the world the British must hand over are actually in the middle of the Indian ocean NOT the South Atlantic like Obama claimed?
Yes I knew that!
No and I don't know where the Falklands are either! (Thank you for being honest-Dazo)
What is closest to your opinion?
The South Atlantic islands are the Malvinas.
I'm neutral so I am going to do what the British do about everything else which is absolutely NOTHING!
Openly voice support for the UK position and get the criminal charges against the UK oil companies dropped. (Apparently the UN thinks that drilling holes in the seabed inside UK territorial waters is a criminal offence.)
Openly support the UK and promise to supply weapons and air cover if things heat up.
The UK should just flatten Buenos Aires. The United States doesn't stand for threats from anyone so neither should Britain. Anyone threatens the US, we launch airstrikes!
Obama's real motives. Since the BP America disaster in central America when Obama blamed the environmental contamination on and I quote "BRITISH PETROLEUM" even though no British people or British oil was involved as all the oil that was spilled was suppose to go to North America, since then Obama has being trying his best to make nice with Latin America at all costs. Which are the most likely reasons Obama keeps on snubbing Great Britain?
Blame it all on the evil Imperialist British and prove the United States are Latin Americas best friend.
I cant stand the English and neither can Obama.
Obama is off his Rocker! Hes a crackpot! Who knows what his real motives are.
Its not that we hate the English its just that we Americans have to be the good guys so the English have to be the bad guys.
Its simple politics that to avoid America being on the end of 'hate speak' from difficult countries, that unwanted emotion is focused on another country while you negotiate with them and as the English are the only western race that the 3rd world hate more than Americans, Britain makes a convenient bad guy because of things that the British did long ago in the past but as a current friend and ally of the US, Americans think we wont be too offended or if we are they don't care and we are expected to take it with the traditional British 'Stiff upper lip'.
Oh stop all the BS! Everyone knows Obama is only after Falkland Oil and if the Falklands go to Argentina then Argentina have agreed to sell all the oil to the United States! Wheras unlike the BP America oil spill where that oil was to go to North America Falkland oil will go to Britain NOT the united states.
Who gives a fuck who gets the Falkland Islands so long as America gets the oil!
Obama just hates Britain.
To 'Right wing' Americans. Which is 'more' true.
UK armed forces have rightly joined the US in taking swift and necessary lethal military action against aggressive enemies and threats around the world.
The UK has always been too soft on terrorists, criminals and rogue states all the time. If the UK wants American respect then Britain should be doing a lot more to help the US. I mean Britain didn't even sent anyone to help in Vietnam.
To 'Left wing' Americans. Which is 'more' true.
The British way of doing thing which is basically sit back, reflect on the situation and weigh all options twice over before doing anything at all to make sure that what gets done is done because it is best for everyone and no one is treated unfairly is actually a better way of doing things than the American way of simply taking a vote on everything and doing whatever the majority thought they wanted at that time or simply doing whatever is best for making money. Political correctness, equal rights, gun laws universal healthcare etc.
The United Kingdom is simply the archaic left over of a dissolved Empire that nowadays hides its former expansionist imperialism behind a vale of procrastination and peaceful diplomacy while still occupying territories that it conquered centuries ago. The United States is the most free and democratic Nation on Earth. Monarchies are obsolete. The British don't even have a President.
Do Americans like having a close 'Special relationship' with the United Kingdom?
Yes definitely. The UK is practically the 51st state!
Yes. The US and UK have so much in common.
Well I'm glad the US and UK are allies but I would not really call the relationship 'special'.
What 'special' relationship?
Do Americans like Britain in general?
Yes definitely. Its a great place lots of great stuff comes from Britain. :)
Sure! Britain is OK. But I would rather go to France.
Er.... I don't know? I don't even know where it is?
Bad weather, bad food, they don't speak proper English and I'm not allowed to take my gun or my dog there! What kind of horrible place is this?
Do you like the British? Generally.
I am from the United states and I love the British. :)
I am from the United States but I don't like or dislike the British any more or less than the people from any other friendly country.
I am from the United States and if it wasn't for us you British would all be singing "Deutschland, Deutschland uber allis.........." (Yeah. Keep telling yourself that if it makes you feel better. Better still. Go read a history book! Operation Sealion was canceled long before America even entered the war.-Dazo)
I'm not from the US but I still like the British. :)
I'm not from the US and I don't like the British.
Please select this if you are British.
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