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Were you made to wear tights/pantyhose as a boy?

As a young teenager, I was a page-boy for my cousin. My aunt made me wear a quite sissified outfit of lilac satin tunic and tights. I made a poll asking if any one else was dressed in a sissyish style when they were a pageboy, and I was surprised by the amount of replies. For me, one of the worst parts of the outfit was that I had to wear tights; I found it rather emasculating and humiliating. I was surprised to find that a large number of respondants were also dressed in tights (or pantyhose as our American cousins say); over 70%! So I thought I would create another poll on this subject. This poll is not for those who wore tights for their own pleasure , it is for those who were made to wear tights and had little or no choice in the matter.

How old were you when you were put in tights?

24% (183) Under 6
41% (307) 7 to 10
47% (348) 11 to 14
32% (240) 15-18

734 voters have answered this question.

Describe the tights/ pantyhose.

51% (378) Thicker/ opaque
48% (351) Thinner/nylon

729 voters have answered this question.

If the tights were opaque, what was the colour?

52% (295) White
34% (191) Navy blue
14% (79) Bottle green
28% (158) Pink
19% (111) Tan
22% (124) Red
35% (199) Black

561 voters have answered this question.

If the tights were thinner/nylon , what colour were they?

23% (108) White
5% (25) Navy
1% (9) Bottle green
12% (58) Pink
37% (169) Tan
2% (13) Red
15% (70) Black

452 voters have answered this question.

Who made you wear the tights?

60% (433) Mother
21% (152) Aunt
18% (130) Drama or Ballet teacher
7% (52) Other teacher
3% (27) Nurse
14% (102) Step-mother
8% (58) Male relative
10% (75) Other authority figure

721 voters have answered this question.

Why did you have to wear tights?

29% (213) It was a punishment, pure and simple.
17% (124) It was a costume for a play
13% (99) It was for fancy dress.
18% (136) It was for a wedding outfit.
4% (29) It was a uniform for work.
28% (207) The person who made me wear them regarded tights as unisex.
23% (166) I had to wear them while doing chores/housework.
6% (49) At school I had to change out of my trousers to have them cleaned, and meanwhile I had to wear uniform tights.
7% (56) At school, I was wearing non-regulation trousers, which were confiscated, and I had to wear girls uniform tights for the rest of the day.
9% (68) Other
16% (119) I had to wear them for ballet
9% (65) I had to wear them for drama
21% (155) I inherited my sisters, and my mom wanted to economise, so she made me wear them about the house

718 voters have answered this question.

What else did you wear with the tights?

18% (127) Kilt and blouse
25% (179) Tunic
26% (186) Shorts
25% (176) Ballet leotard
12% (86) Boys school uniform with shorts
26% (183) Girls school uniform
16% (112) Party frock
14% (104) Ankle socks
36% (255) Mary Janes
10% (75) Maids uniform
4% (34) Cleaners nylon smock type overall
12% (87) Ballet pumps
12% (87) Strappy open toed sandals
8% (56) Shop girl uniform
17% (119) Other

696 voters have answered this question.

How did you feel when you had to wear tights?

12% (90) No particular feelings, there are just clothes
37% (268) I felt happy, I was a bit of a sissy!
14% (102) I did not like it, but I did not want to displease the person making me wear them
20% (144) I hated it, but dare not argue with the person who made me wear them.
36% (257) I felt humiliated and emasculated
28% (201) I felt completely dominated by the person who made me wear them

708 voters have answered this question.

Thanks for taking my pole. It is quite an embarrassing subject! But please be brave and post your experiences in messages, or if you are shy, please describe your experiences below.

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86 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2014-10-01 18:42:03 by theboy
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